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What do I do to replace a lost key and how do I know it will only work on my car?

Volvo keyGary Jaffarian explains how most keys can be replaced the same day or next and what owners need to know to safely replace a key.

The Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Parts Department can order a key for you and get it the next day, however, some can be made the same day, depending on year, make and model. Out of curiosity, I did a web search on replacement keys and there are hundreds of places to order from. Why not just buy your replacement key online? Certain keys are on a different radio frequency and cannot be programmed for your vehicle. People also sell dead keys online that cannot be programmed.

Keys for vehicles manufactured before 2001 have no vehicle engine immbolizer, which is your vehicle’s security device, and do not need to be programmed. Keys made for vehicles from 2001 and newer need to be programmed and that works in accordance with your VIN (vehicle identification number) and engine immobilizer. I wouldn’t suggest giving out a VIN number on line. You run the risk of being hacked. YouTube also doesn’t provide the answer. While the online services claim to be less costly than the dealership, they also come with risks in terms of ability to program.

To protect our customers’ security when requesting a replacement key, we ask for name, address, VIN number, year, make and model. Even if you cannot get into the vehicle, the VIN is generally visible from the outside driver’s side dashboard. It may also be located on a rear wheel well or the front of the engine block, or on the frame of the car between the carburetor and windshield washer. You can also call your insurance company to get the VIN.

Types of Keys:

Traditional key—They are usually found in use for vehicles prior to 2001 and before 1981. They can simply be cut from a standard key blank like a house key.

Encoded key—These contain a programmed chip and must be programmed properly to work.

Smart key—It is a programmable device that allows the owner to open the door with a key and start the engine with a button.

Detached key fobs—This is a separate device from the key that starts the engine. It can unlock the doors and control the vehicle’s alarm.

Jaffarian Parts Department to the Rescue!

I was so happy to hear this story from my Parts Department personnel. A senior was at the market and discovered her keys were missing. No one turned them in, and she was frantic. She called us up and was so upset that the Parts Department employee tried toSenior Woman calm her. He asked for all her information, and while she hardly sounded like a criminal, he still asked for all the pertinent information for her own security. They were able to cut and program the key immediately and bring it to the market. She was so grateful that she sent me a beautiful letter complimenting the Parts Department staff for their immediate response and concern!

Let us know if we can help. Our Parts Department is open Monday-Saturday and ready to serve!

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