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I’m in my 30s and want a car that looks cool and is good for the environment. Any suggestions?

Gary Jaffarian recommends some new concept vehicles for millennials that are sharp, functional and are environmentally-friendly from the past present and even future vehicles on the horizon.

Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the largest demographic since the baby boomers. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends; but most researchers use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to late 1990s or early 2000s, now in their 20s and 30s. Because of their spending power overall, yet limited amount to spend per person based on age, Toyota has been paying a lot of attention to this generation. Toyota is a great match for this generation.

These are the vehicles that are both long-term successes for Toyota or in the works for 2018 that would best meet your needs including vehicles from the past, present and future:


  • Toyota Prius—The Prius continues to be the oldest and highest sales of all-time for a hybrid, with more than 10 million sold worldwide, and is continuing to evolve in to le_eco-frontelectric and hydrogen vehicles. Millennials who want to reduce their carbon footprint, flock to the Prius because of its sporty look combined with its energy-efficiency.
  • Toyota Corolla—which looks similar to the sporty Prius, has been redesigned to include the large Safety Sense package, and includes a new 50th Anniversary edition in some great limited colors. This is one of the most energy-efficient vehicles on the road today. There is an LE Eco version which gets about 40 mpg on the highway. The Corolla is2017 Corolla one of the best buys today starting in the high teens and low 20s. The colors are fun, the style is great and the value is great. Click here for our new Corolla video.


  • Toyota C-HR—This 2018 vehicle was designed for the Millennials. C-HR stands for Coupe-High Rider and the designers say it was meant to combine elements of both aToyota C-HR coupe and an SUV. It sits on 18-inch wheels bringing it higher off the ground. Some think it’s a hatchback, some an SUV. Its rated as 27/31/29 miles per gallon based on city/highway/combination driving. It has a standard 7-inch touch screen and has a tablet-like appearance. The multi-media system includes a USB port. It’s great for tall passengers with a good amount of head and leg room. It comes in basic, upgraded and premium models. (Last time I checked, we had 4 in stock and they are priced starting in the low $20s.) Of course, it includes the Toyota Safety Sense package and comes in traditional and new fun colors in trendy blue and green shades. This new model is great looking and are moving quickly off the lot!


  • Toyota FT-4X—This new concept vehicle is not yet available for purchase, but will be next year. The Toyota FT-4X concept is built on the same global platform as the Prius and C-HR models. It’s not a simple crossover, but an SUV that incorporates theToyota-FT-4X-Concept 60-year tradition of legendary Toyota all-terrain vehicles. It was designed for the tech-saavy younger generation. You can even get it with a built-in GoPro in the side mirror. There’s also a slot for your smartphone.

This exciting vehicle is aimed at nature lovers who love camping and adventure! For example, the interior door handles are detachable and represent water containers, and the interior lights on the ceiling can be dismantled and used as a flashlight. The audio system can also be removed and used in nature. The digital dashboard can also be backed up with a secure smartphone at the top of the dashboard, and thanks to the applications, the smartphone turns into a navigation system. The armrest is also detachable and turns into a sleeping bag! Now this is truly a cool vehicle!

  • Toyota Concept-i was introduced at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show. It is a vehicle fitted with artificial intelligence and full of safety features. It looks like something right out of a sci-fi movie! They named its communication/ Concept-i-interface system Yui (similar to Siri or Alexa) and it senses your emotions and may be the pre-cursor to the self-driving vehicle, but let’s you stay in charge. According to Toyota, Yui is a liaison between you, your passengers and your car. Yui, in tandem with artificial intelligence, anticipates your needs and informs the car so that Concept-i can consider and execute that next action accordingly.

Concept-i follows Toyota’s belief that vehicles shouldn’t start with technology—they should start, and end, with the experience of the people who use them. Therefore, Concept-i was built from the inside out, with a focus on making it energetic and approachable. Thanks to Yui, Concept-i will enhance the relationship between car and driver. In the future, we envision you, Yui and the car working together—like teammates. Thanks to the vehicle’s advanced automated driving technologies, people with all levels of ability can enjoy the ride. You’re still in charge of the car. However, through biometric sensors throughout, Concept-i can detect what you’re feeling. That information then gets analyzed by the car’s artificial intelligence. That’s when the automated features kick in. Safety and protection are a major benefit of this relationship. By knowing you better, Concept-i will help to protect you. Can’t wait to see one of these on the market!

Millennials are an important part of Toyota’s customer base and some of their advertising is directed at this younger generation. Young, middle age or older, Toyota’s executive V.P. believes, “The customer is the CEO of our business.” If consumers have a higher demand for energy-efficient or electric vehicles, Toyota will continue to produce them and Jaffarian Toyota will continue to have them on our lot ready for you to take them for a test drive!

Enjoy the warm, sunny weather—great for long drives.


Gary Jaffarian

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