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Are you doing anything to support the local community in the off-season?

Gary Jaffarian explains that the back-to-school and holiday seasons are not the only times of the year that Jaffarian sponsors programs to give back to the local community. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota’s commitment to the community began three generations ago when the company was founded and is an all-season effort. Consistently the Jaffarian family’s charitable focus has been supporting local youth and disadvantaged families.

YIMCheckDonation (002)Giving back to our local community is in our DNA. You can read about our many efforts starting back with my grandfather (link to the stories on the website.) For us there is not an off-season when it comes to giving back. That is why just over a year ago, we established the Jaffarian Youth in Motion Fund to create an ongoing, all season program to support our local youth in two cities where there is great need: Lawrence and Haverhill. The Jaffarian Youth in Motion Fund enables local youth in need to participate in sports and activities that provide structure, discipline, teach sportsmanship and, ultimately, promote a healthy, active lifestyle. This fund formalizes efforts that we have consistently funded over the years including sponsoring many local sports teams and the Game On program where we offset the high costs of high school fees for many local communities donating over $50,000 to participate in sports.

With so many children watching TV and playing video games, combined with a diet that includes fast food, the national obesity rate in children and adults is steadily on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 17% of children are obese and they grow into the 36.5% of obese American adults. Of the 12.7 million obese children in the U.S., 9% are ages 2-5; 17.5% are ages 6-11; and 20% are ages 12-19.

As part of the Jaffarian Youth in Motion program, we recently presented an additional $5,000 to both the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Haverhill and the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence. The Clubs use the funds to help numerous boys and girls in need take part in a wide range of sports and activities, from basketball and field hockey teams, to National Youth Leadership forums and summer camps. We selected these local Boys & Girls ClubsIMG_3468 as they are in an ideal position to identify needs and allocate funds directly to their members and they serve communities where the need is significant.

We’ve seen firsthand how the fund has made a difference in the lives of local kids who don’t have the means to take part in sports and activities that can enrich their lives. Both Boys & Girls Clubs have done a terrific job of using the fund to help their deserving members get what they need to participate in sports and enroll in summer camps. The thank you letters I receive from thesLawrence January 18 v1e kids are incredibly touching and reinforce what my family has always believed – that sports foster physical and mental well-being, teach important life skills like sportsmanship, not to mention bringing joy and boosting self-confidence.

In its first year, the Jaffarian Youth in Motion Fund has helped more than 75 local children with sports equipment and special events such as college tours and weekend basketball tournaments. Our inner-city children can compete with other youth across New England at an elite level because of this fund. To date, this fund has provided members of the Boys and Girls Clubs with everything from new basketball sneakers and prescription swim goggles, to dance equipment, cheerleading uniforms and sleeping bags for camps, enabling deserving kids to participate in activities that enrich their lives.

Over the years, we have sponsored numerous sports teams, helped Haverhill High buildLawrence January 18 v4 a weight room, raised $50,000+ to offset the costs of participating in high school sports in several towns, and brought busloads of local kids to Celtics and Red Sox games.

Our entire team is proud of the impact the Jaffarian Youth in Motion fund and the impact it is having locally. When in for service, take a moment to read the Thank you notes on display in each of our service waiting areas. As it reminds all of us, there is not off-season for giving back and helping our local youth. I think my grandfather and father would be proud to see the legacy continue.

We are fortunate to have the Lawrence and Greater Haverhill Boys and Girls Clubs in our communities. Thank you to all the leadership and staff at both these organizations for all that they do on a daily basis!

Enjoy the sunshine!

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