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What’s new for family-oriented vehicles? (It seems like the industry focus is on sporty and “green.”)

Gary Jaffarian shares the commitment by both Volvo and Toyota for models designed for families ; and that family-oriented models can also be “green” and sporty!

XC 90 interiorI really like this question because within the automotive industry, and especially for Volvo and Toyota, vehicles designed for families remain a priority. Both manufacturers that Jaffarian Volvo Toyota represent are committed to offering multiple models to meet the needs of families. Sporty, green and family-oriented aren’t mutually exclusive! In some models, you can opt for a hybrid model that is spacious with impressive design attributes for the best of all worlds! As noted below, many of these vehicles perform at the top of the IIHS Top Safety picks too!


SiennaToyota Sienna— This mini-van comes in five stylish models and nine fun colors! Child-protector rear door locks are standard on all models. It comfortably holds 7 passengers and for the driver to communicate with family members in the back row, there is “Driver Easy Speak”— which utilizes a microphone in the overhead console to amplify the driver’s voice and broadcast it through rear speakers. It comes with all of Toyota’s new safety package including a back-up camera and on-screen GPS.

Highlander-frontToyota Highlander—This SUV Crossover is an IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) Top Safety Pick with eight models, seating seven and in similar nine fun colors. Of the eight models, there are hybrid models for increased mileage efficiency. All models come with Toyota Safety Sense features including lane departure alert with steering assist— a nice feature for tired and distracted drivers; pre-collision prevention with pedestrian detection; and automatic high beams.

Since 1927, Volvo has been making the safest luxury vehicles to keep families safe. Starting as boxy yet safe, they are now among the most stylish vehicles for families.

V90 Cross CountryVolvo V90 XC— This new Volvo model, hailed by The Boston Globe as a “stunning” vehicle, functions like an SUV and replaces the Volvo Cross Country wagon. This large wagon has long glass windows and a panoramic moon roof. Its ergonomic feature includes loads of leg room, even in the rear. For added winter driving safety, it is an all-wheel drive vehicle. This is truly a luxury vehicle with family-friendly features. This new model is an IIHS Top Safety Pick for 2017. The beautiful soft leather seats hold 5-7 passengers with plenty of cargo space. Volvo’s vehicles, long lauded for safety, also has other options including the XC 60 that are great vehicles for a family.

XC90x.jpgVolvo XC90 won Car of the Year and North American SUV of the Year in 2016—and is even better this year with its redesigned 2017 model. Everything about it is perfection and safety for you and your family. It seats up to 7 passengers in three rows. It’s powered by a choice of four-cylinder engines, one of which is supercharged and turbocharged. A plug-in hybrid version is also offered for the environmentally-conscious family. A four-wheel drive version provides additional safety. Volvo has also been researching a built-in infant seat for greater safety and continues to be a leader in safety research.volvo0715-xc90-excellence-child-seat-concept

As I often write about, the right vehicle for your family may vary significantly from other families need. Commonly families need seating, cargo space and safety is a top priority. Wherever your family is in terms of age and vehicle needs, know that we at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota are here to help you find the best vehicle for your needs and budget. As a local, family-owned dealership, we are all about family and welcome the opportunity to help you and your family for all of your automotive needs!

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