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Now that it’s spring and I hope the last snowfall is behind us, how do I bring back the luster to my car?

Gary Jaffarian will give you tips for making your vehicle shine and sparkle while you bring it back to life!

Washing close-upNow that it is officially spring, I’m hoping we can put those snow shovels away for a long time! There is still slush, salt and sand on the roads, which kicks back up onto your vehicle and can erode the exterior finish. The best defense, especially in winter and until the roads are clear, is to wash your vehicle weekly. Even in summer, if you have a garage, keep your vehicle parked in the garage, or in a shady spot when you’re at work, to keep the bright sunlight off the surface. Wash your vehicle when it is not hot to the touch. Washing and waxing by hand is preferable, but for many of us finding the time can be a challenge!

Here are some tips for professional results if you are a do-it-yourselfer:cleaning wheels
• Have two buckets available one with the soapy water and another with plain water. Apply warm, sudsy water with a sponge or soft mitt and do not wash your vehicle in the bright sunlight.
• Do not use dishwashing liquid, shampoo or laundry detergent on your vehicle, buy a washing solution meant for vehicles. If you do use a household cleaner, use a mild soap.
• Park your vehicle in the shade whenever possible, however, in the shade under a tree can mean sap, branches or other substances may end up on your vehicle. Do not park under a tree.
• If you do get sap or tree drippings on your vehicle, WD-40 is a great solution to remove it.
• After washing one side or section, rinse the vehicle off from top to bottom with a hose on a light setting. Higher settings or pressure washing can damage the vehicle or bring out the scratches. Do not soap up the entire vehicle before rinsing, so the soap is not on any part of your vehicle for too long.
• Keep the entire car wet. It will ensure that the droplets don’t dry on the paint, leaving water-spots.
• The dirtiest and grimiest part of a car is its lower body, fender and wheels. Scrub and clean them last using a different sponge with a non-abrasive scrubber.wire brush cleaning
• To clean the openings of the wheels, use a long, thin wheel brush. To clean the tires, make use of steel-wool-soap pads, one for each tire.
• To dry the car, use a chamois cloth or towel and set it flat on the surface. Drag it along the surface, starting from the roofs and moving down to the tires, making sure to pick up every water drop.waxing
• For windows, you can just wash with plain water and wipe them immediately, or use a glass cleaner. (Do not use a glass cleaner with ammonia on the dash board or seats.)
• If you’re really ambitious, apply one to two coats of a paste or liquid wax coating to protect and shine.

For professional results, bring it to Jaffarian Volvo Toyota’s Auto Spa for an affordable professional shine and/or interior detailing. If you have rust spots, dings or dents, take it to the award winning Jaffarian Body Shop, just down the street from our showroom at 600 River Street in Haverhill at exit 49 off Route 495. If you drop your vehicle off for cleaning, we’ll give you a ride home, to work or local shopping; or of course you’re welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting rooms with Wi-Fi, TV, and other amenities. Sometimes, it’s just not worth the effort to buy the products and do it yourself.

Enjoy the warmer weather that is just around the corner (hopefully!). Happy Spring!

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