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How do I use all this great technology in my new Toyota? I don’t even know how to set the clock!

Gary Jaffarian addresses where to get the help you need to learn all about the technology in your vehicle.

There are two places you can go to learn about all the wonderful technology. Why have it if you can’t use it! The first is your owner’s manual, but I often hear people say they don’t like reading manuals (or don’t have the time). Most new Toyotas come with a “Quick Reference Guide” which I recommend you keep in your vehicle. It’s a handy way to quickly get an answer.


how-do-i-logoIf you are a visual learner, no problem!  Simply stop in and visit us at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota. We realize there is so much to learn when you get a new vehicle. That is precisely why we established  “How Do I?” hours. Whether you have had your vehicle for 2 weeks or 2 years, if you have a “How do I…?” question related to your vehicle, just stop in and ask!  Product specialists will be available to answer your questions and demonstrate how features work. No question is too small or silly! We have designated hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, you can stop by anytime, or when in for a  service appointment, and we will have someone available to answer your questions in sales or service.


close-up-toyota-dashWhen it comes to Daylight Savings and setting your vehicle clock, there is not one answer for all makes and models. Again, I recommend you check your Quick Reference Guide or stop in for us to help you.  A friendly reminder that Daylight Savings starts on Sunday  March 12th so it would be helpful to know how to set your clock an hour ahead.


To help you change the clock, look to the dashboard as most indicate where the clock setting is. When you depress it, generally the hour will blink until you change the time. If it is set correctly, then you only need to use the appropriate key to set it ahead by one hour. Many of the new Toyotas have the “H” for hour and “M” for minute, found in the top center of the dashboard next to the clock. In some vehicles, you need to use the arrow keys to change the time.


gps-toyotaThere is an incredible amount of technology included in new vehicles. The good news is that much of the technology makes our driving lives simpler and safer. For example, new Toyotas come with the Safety Sense package. If you weave to the edge of the lane, the Lane Departure alert will let you know by changing color or beeping in the icon that shows a picture of a lane. When you get to close to a vehicle in front of you, a red warning light will appear in the screen as a pre-collision warning. These vehicles give you quick alerts. The first time I drove a Toyota with Lane Departure Alert, I thought it needed an alignment—only to discover that “pulling” is the steering assist feature to automatically correct your steering!


Do you know how to use the dynamic radar cruise control?  It  automatically adjusts to a lower speed as you approach a slower vehicle ahead. One of the trickiest things can be just releasing the latch under the hood. If you have trouble opening the hood, just stop by Jaffarian Service or Sales Departments and we will show you how. That’s so important to know if your vehicle is overheated or you need to add windshield washer fluid.


With the latest models, there is a lot to know about your vehicle. Don’t let your vehicle cause you “March Madness!” Don’t be afraid to ask as we want you to enjoy your vehicle and all the features that are included. We’re all here to help!
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Gary Jaffarian
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