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How do I replace my windshield wipers and fill the windshield fluid?

Gary Jaffarian will give you a quick lesson on how to replace your windshield wipers and fill your windshield washer fluid and where to go for help.
help-on-windshieldNot having good visibility when driving is  an emergency situation. You want to avoid such situations whenever possible.  With regularly scheduled maintenance (highly recommended), you can have your wiper blades inspected to know in advance if they need to be replaced.
To replace windshield wipers, consult your owner’s manual to confirm the correct wiper blades for your vehicle. You can buy replacement wiper blades at an auto parts store, large retail department store, or Jaffarian Parts Department.
How to change windshield wiper blades:change-blade-demo
• To remove the old wiper, lift the wiper arm away from the windshield and depress the small tab on the underside of the wiper where it meets the wiper arm. When the tab is depressed, slide the wiper blade off the arm by pulling downward.
• To attach the new wiper blade, pull the wiper blade tight onto the arm. You will hear a clicking sound when it locks into place. Simply lower the arm slowly back onto the windshield.
• Test the wipers after installation to be sure they are functioning properly.
How to add windshield washer fluid:
• Open the hood. if you have a new vehicle or infrequently open the hood, be sure you know how to open it from the inside lever as well as the outside lever. Sounds basic, but in the dark you will be glad you are confident knowing how to open the hood.washer-fluid-reservoir
• Find the windshield wiper fluid tank. It’s usually in the front corner of the vehicle and the tank is usually an opaque plastic reservoir with a cap that’s at least an inch and a half wide. The cap usually has a symbol of a windshield, a windshield and wipers, or a spray of water. Remove the cap.
• Fill the tank with replacement windshield wiper fluid until it is near the top. Replace the cap tightly.
• I recommend you keep additional windshield washer in your vehicle this time of year.
removing blade pin.jpgIf you keep up with your oil changes, or other routine maintenance, the service technician will check all fluids. At Jaffarian Volvo Toyota, we’re happy to take care of these things for you. Book an appointment online or stop by our Jaffarian Service Department Monday through Saturday if you’d like to learn how to perform any of these functions, or even better, have us do them for you.
Stay safe on the roads and we look forward to helping you or answering any HOW DO I questions you may have.
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Gary Jaffarian
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