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Is President’s Day Weekend the best time to buy a vehicle?

Gary Jaffarian answers this commonly asked question given the holiday weekend has become synonymous with vehicle sales!

washington-bday-saleIf you are thinking about a new vehicle, there are many reasons to do so on the Presidents’ Day Holiday Weekend. A bit of trivia, this tradition started in Boston a long time ago with a dealership holding an open house, and the idea took off!

February in New England can be a stormy month. Many folks may think it best to wait until the snow melts to buy or lease a new vehicle. As I consistently say, be an informed consumer. Do your homework and if you are even thinking about a potential purchase or lease, it is worth reviewing the offers available in February as they tend to be very strong offers.

With the unbelievable Super Bowl win behind us and March Madness ahead of us, now is a great time to do your homework – online and in person. Most vehicle manufacturer’s offer specials and there are deals on 2016 models. Check out the specials at Jaffarian Toyota, including the Toyota rebate for members of the military.

America celebrates Presidents’ Day with sales. While Sweden does not have a President, Volvo is not to be left out so they are participating in their own unique way with a King of king-of-sweden-carSweden Day. To celebrate, they are offering $0 down and $0 first month’s payment when you lease a new 2017 Volvo (see website for details). This is a fabulous offer and is worth evaluating if you had been planning to wait until the Spring! With a reputation for innovation and safety, Volvos include advanced features like the Blind Spot Information System, Rear Park Assist Camera, Panoramic Moonroof and more in many models as standard features! Keep this in mind as you do your homework to compare apples to apples of what comes standard vs. additional costs. President’s Day offers the consumer many great offers so I encourage you to check them out and if you are thinking about a new vehicle, now is a good time to review the offers. It is a great time to buy a Volvo or a Toyota!

Don’t like crowds? Have plans for the long weekend? That is ok. You don’t have to wait. I know at Jaffarian Volvo and Toyota, the offers are effective now – come in this weekend and beat the crowds and take advantage of the full selection of colors and features that you want! And don’t forget, don’t just research the make and model and features included, research the dealerships. Maybe you just care about getting the color and amenities that are important to you, but don’t you want to do business with a dealer that is going to take care of you and be there for you in case you have questions or concerns?

When you’re doing your research, check the vehicle’s options, safety features, MSRP and the dealerships’ ratings from reliable sources such as DealerRater.com (click here to see how we rate). DealerRater is a reputable source for dealership reviews. There are multiple other sites that you can also go to and I am sure you too have your favorites. Some are better for other industries and be forewarned that some consumer rating sites don’t show all reviews or have a tendency to emphasize negative reviews. Buyer beware!

What is the best time to buy or lease? That really comes down to what is best for you. President’s Day vehicle sales are strong offers and you may be able to find a great deal on apres-day-graphic2 2016 although they are going fast. To summarize, if you are even considering a new vehicle in the year, I would suggest you make an informed decision by being aware of what the incentives are to help you make an informed decision about timing. As always, we at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota, are here to help answer any questions and assist in helping you make the best decision for you.

Stay safe on the roads given the weather forecast and remember we are here for you 7 days a week!

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