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Why would I want to get my vehicle serviced at the dealership when it usually costs more?

apples-and-applesGary Jaffarian addresses common misconceptions about having your vehicle serviced at the dealership. He wants to be certain you are comparing “apples with apples.”
I’m glad you are giving me the opportunity to address this important misconception. Most of the time dealers are not more expensive, and when they seem to be more expensive, be sure you are comparing like parts and services. I can only speak for Jaffarian Volvo Toyota, but I’d like to share a quick checklist of why most dealerships may be the better choice when you need service.
• Protect your Warranty: If your vehicle is under warranty, the warranty will only be warrantyupheld with service completed by a certified and affiliated dealership. With Toyota Care and Volvo’s warranty programs, be sure to follow your maintenance schedule that is covered when purchasing the vehicle! These programs offer great value to a consumer!
• Genuine Parts: If you drive a Toyota or Volvo, you want to keep your “Toyota a Toyota” or your “Volvo a Volvo” by having only Toyota or Volvo parts installed. Some service stations use reconditioned parts or other non-OEM parts. Keep in mind this can negate your warranty coverage and  may adversely affect the operation of your  vehicle.
 Parts Availability: We have a Parts Department that stocks original, genuine parts. No waiting for the truck to come with your parts. Time is money. Some  local service stations may need to order parts or be unable to read codes for your particular vehicle delaying your being able to complete service as planned.
• Compare apples to apples: As we often write about, be an informed consumer. If making a decision solely on price, be sure to compare what the price includes. Details to pay attention to include what oil are they using? How many quarts of oil does that price include? Very important when buying tires is ensuring you are comparing the exact same tire – not just brand name but the exact same tire! If you are a value shopper, look at the complete value offering to make an informed decision: price, convenience, additional amenities, certified technicians working on your vehicle, coffee, TV, wi-fi, etc.
• Trained, Certified Technicians:  There is great value in having a technician working on your vehicle that is trained and certified in working on your vehicle. Not a jack of all trades, but a trained professional. While we service all vehicles, if you own a Volvo or Toyota, you can be assured that the professional working on your vehicle has completed thorough product training and has deep, proven experience. They are specialists, not generalists.  Perhaps not important to you, but important to us is that our employees work in pleasant environments conducive to consistently doing high-quality work. That is why our technicians work in temperature controlled environments.

•  Consistency of technicians working on your vehicle. Bottom Line. Dealers have to be competitive. We can’t afford to NOT be able to compete  – we would go out of business when it comes to servicing vehicles. At Jaffarian Toyota, we have a “Dare to Compare” white board in our service area. We are completely comfortable and confident in monitoring our competition’s prices and showing it to you right on our wall! We are OK with saving you the time and effort. Besides the cost of the service, keep in mind some other factors that may be important to you when choosing where you service your vehicle.
• Comfort:  Our waiting rooms are not only clean and comfortable, but we offer snacks,VolvoWaitingRoomAccessories.jpg beverages, wi-fi and flat screen TVs. We want you to be comfortable and have a place to work, have your children safely play if you choose to wait.
• Transportation:  If you don’t want to wait in our waiting room, we offer free transportation to your home, workplace or local shopping areas.service-van
• Convenience: We are open six days a week and we have an online service scheduler to book your own appointment 24/7.
As you  decide where you want to service your vehicle, consider reputation and consider the importance of consistency. All things being equal, you may decide that going to the dealership is actually the most economical, comfortable and convenient choice. We are committed to earning your business in every interaction and are confident in comparing the value we deliver to the competition.
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Gary Jaffarian
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