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Is Toyota keeping up with rapidly changing technology?

2018 Camry-red.png

2018 Toyota Camry

Gary Jaffarian explains how Toyota is not only a leader in technology, but it is the industry leader in current and upcoming Bluetooth upgrades.

Toyota has integrated the most safety features possible in its models including state-of-the art technology and Bluetooth features which enable drivers to keep their eyes on the road. From the affordable Corolla, Camry and RAV4 to the more luxurious models, technology features are standard, keeping the cost down and the safety features at a maximum. As current advertising highlights, many competitive vehicles do not include comparable safety features; instead requiring consumers to pay more for technology that is standard in a Toyota.

I’ve written many blogs on the dangers of cell phones, particularly from texting. Toyota’s technology allows the driver to see a text message on the audio screen when a new message arrives, and by pushing one simple button, the text is read to you. It also gives you the opportunity to push a button with a standard message, such as “I’m driving now, I’ll call you back later.” Though in the height of traffic, no reply is necessary.

The new Toyotas include Entune Audio Plus technology to allow your phone’s GPS


2017 Toyota RAV4

directions to appear on the 7” screen. All the audio controls have been placed on the steering wheel, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. This advanced technology is not just for your driving experience, but for safety!


For distracted drivers, which includes those who are sleepy, there is a lane departure alert with steering assist. If your turn signal is not on, and you start weaving, the technology provides a beeping signal. If the driver doesn’t react immediately, there is a steering assist function that will initiate and provide gentle corrective steering to help keep the vehicle in the lane. There is an integrated back-up camera with a path to guide you when backing up.

Toyota provides a standard pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, and of course, the back-up camera will provide you a picture of people who may suddenly walk behind your vehicle, which often happens in parking lots. With the pedestrian detection system, your vehicle will provide automatic braking to help prevent a collision from happening. Toyota’s new technology provides you with additional sets of eyes in the front and rear of your vehicle!


Corolla Interior 17.jpg

High-tech features in the 2017 Corolla

Toyota’s next technology advancement will take peer-to-peer car sharing to the next level with a Bluetooth device that allows users to open and start the vehicle with a smart phone. As car-sharing becomes more popular among families and people who want to earn additional money by renting their vehicles, the new vehicles will have an option for a “Smart Key Box.” The device can be mounted on the dash and users can operate the vehicle by putting in an access code. This new technology is being piloted in San Francisco, where many people participate in a car-sharing service known as “Getaround.”


The 2018 Camry (which received accolades at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last week and will be available this summer); and the 2017 Corolla and other models sport all these safety devices and technology features as standard equipment. The 2017 Toyota RAV4 now comes in a Platinum all-wheel drive model and RAV4 with LED headlights is a 2017 IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) Top Safety Pick+. AAA Northeast’s publication wrote, “While it has been on the market for 20 years, the Toyota RAV4 continues to shine as one of the best compact SUVs for its features, technology and safety.” They gave it accolades for its reasonable price, easy to maneuver size, and a long list of standard safety features not frequently seen on vehicles in that lower price range. The Safety Sense package also includes automatic high beams when needed. These standard features really do a great deal of the thinking for us!


2017 Toyota Corolla celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year


Jaffarian Volvo Toyota is proud to represent two manufacturers which have two very important attributes in common: the best in quality and longevity and the best safety records in the automotive industry. Despite some of the television ad claims by other vehicle manufacturers, Camry has been the top-selling vehicle in American for the past 15 years and the Corolla just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Certainly, when you buy a Toyota, you are buying a top-selling American-made vehicle.

Drive safely and enjoy these warmer temperatures and milder January weather while it lasts!

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