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We keep hearing about the Toyota Corolla and Prius.  What’s new at Toyota?

The success of Toyota models transcends generations and Gary Jaffarian examines why these  “tried and true” models are anything but boring.
1st_corolla_1969_1970Automotive experts locally and nationally are consistently singing the praises of these Toyota models. The reason for their success and continuation? People keep buying these vehicles, finding them reliable, affordable and meeting their needs. Designs and technology continue to evolve in all Toyota models.  In the weekly Ask Gary Blogs, we regularly update you on the new technology available in these models. The automotive industry is already buzzing about the fact the other automotive brands will have to work harder to stay ahead of the competition.
The Toyota Corollaturned 50 this year making it the all-time world’s best-selling vehicle with 43 million sold worldwide! Toyota still sells nearly 1.5 million Corollas throughout the world each year. The automotive reviews continue to be positive. The newest technology for Toyota Corolla is the Safety Sense-P technology. This provides a warning system for pre-collision, pedestrian detection, and lane-departure warnings. It also includes steering assist, a dynamic radar cruise control and automatic high-beams. The Corolla seems to get smarter and more tech-savvy as it ages!
Boston Globe Columnist Bill Griffith referred to the Corolla as a “generational gem” that has thrived through 11 generations since its introduction in the U.S. market in 1969. In 2017-toyota-corolla-special-50thhonor of the 50th Anniversary, Toyota is producing only 8,000 of a special 50th edition of the Corolla in three colors: black cherry pearl, classic silver and blizzard pearl with special interior accent colors, floor mats and a 7-inch touch-screen, and moon-roof. As a special edition vehicle these Corollas will be highly sought after and we just received our first two!
Many of us still think of the Toyota Prius as new to the Toyota family! The 16-year-old Toyota Prius is the longest running and most successful hybrid vehicle in America! Its models have evolved throughout the years. That is one of the reasons Toyota models are so successful—they take what works and improve their models year after year. Many people know when a new vehicle model is introduced in the marketplace (like new restaurants) it sometimes takes months or year to get it right! Once they have it right, Toyota only improves upon it to meet consumer demands for safer vehicles and better technology.
2016-toyota-priusConsumers were skeptical about how long the Prius battery pack would last, but consumers were delighted to learn the battery lasted even longer than the 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty. The Prius is extremely quiet and consumers have been pleased with its low maintenance costs.  But here’s an ironic twist—Toyota Prius was so quiet, that people were concerned about pedestrians hearing it. So last month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it is adding a minimum sound level requirement for the new quiet hybrids and electric vehicles. The regulation goes into effect in 2018 and 2019. The American Council for the Blind lobbied for this because those who are blind or visually-impaired could not hear the vehicles.
If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, I invite you come to Jaffarian Volvo Toyota and see the new Toyota Prius and Corollas as well as the full lineup.  I think you will be impressed with the innovation including design, technology, comfort and safety, all at an affordable price. That is exactly why the Toyota brand is so successful and why we are so proud to sell and service them.
Have a happy holiday season, drive safely and make sure your vehicle has the appropriate service for winter driving—as winter is here!   Call us at (978) 372-8551 or email us at service@jaffarian.com if you are due for service so our certified technicians can take care of you; or schedule online 24/7.

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