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What do you think Thanksgiving should be about other than eating turkey?

thanksgiving-family-dinnerGary Jaffarian goes beyond the fanfare of Thanksgiving dinner, football and Black Friday shopping sprees to discuss what matters most this Thanksgiving for our community and the country.

Three things immediately come to mind as I think about Thanksgiving:

FIRST and foremost—Safety. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota is in the automotive business and an important part of our role is to promote safety on the roads. AAA projects that 48.7 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving, an increase of one million travelers compared with last year and the most vehicles on the road since 2007. This year’s increase in Thanksgiving travel is spurred by improvements in the economy and relatively low prices at the pumps.

The most important part of the travel experience is getting to your destination safely to see family and friends. We’re motivated by traveling to home towns and long distances to see loved ones—and to spend time with friends and family, wherever they may be. As a four-generation dealership, I know how important family is and what they represent.thanksfamily-dinner

I hope everyone will respect the rules of the road. I’d like to live through one Thanksgiving where there is not a single death on the road. One is one too many. That means no texting or reading texts and no driving under the influence. This is the start of the holiday season and let’s make it the safest one ever! Practice kindness and patience, even on the road, even if you are cut-off—let it go. Keep in mind the only important part of the trip—arriving safely and returning safely.

SECOND—Be a contributor to your community. In the spirit of the season, there are countless ways to give back during the holiday season. Consider donating items to food pantries or donate holiday gifts, money or your time to make a difference in your community. Jaffarian will once again donate and collect a truck full of items for the homeless children at Emmaus House in Haverhill. They serve 3,000 clients a year thatemmaus-house-and-tag represent a large part of the 3500 homeless families in Massachusetts, most with children. Over the years, they have helped 25,000 people out of homelessness. Please stop by our showroom just off Exit 49 in Haverhill at 600 River St. in Haverhill to drop off items needed this year including winter coats, pajamas…. We will collect items starting this Friday and through December 15th! Every small contribution adds up to making a major difference in our community. Know that you will be behind the face of a smiling child on Christmas Day.

THIRD—Be kind to one other. We’ve been through a tumultuous time with a stressful presidential election. There are still rifts between friends and family which is unprecedented in this country after an election. There are children picking on children of other races and nationalities. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to further the healing that is needed by embracing our differences. Let us be thankful this Thanksgiving for the lives we have, our friends and families and for living in the U.S.–the greatest “melting pot” of them all that embraced our ancestors where they arrived at Ellis Island from many different nations. Be thankful for our freedom and for our country.


If you are traveling this week, be sure your vehicle is in top-notch shape to get you there traffic-on-rt-128safely. If there is anything you need from the Jaffarian Service Department, we are here for you. You can schedule on line 24/7 or call us at (888) 718-4749.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.


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