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Can I lease a pre-owned vehicle? That would be ideal given my budget and low-mileage driving.

Certified Pre-ownedToyota2The answer is yes! You cannot lease a used vehicle, but it is possible if you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle at an affiliated dealership such as Jaffarian Volvo Toyota. In this case, that would mean you could lease a certified pre-owned Toyota or Volvo.  Certified pre-owned vehicles account for 3+ million sales.

What is required for a certified pre-owned vehicle?

    • Less than 85,000 miles;
    • Less than 6 years old; andVolvo-CPO-intellichoice-image-v1
    • Exterior condition and appearance is free of dents and scratches.

The following is offered on a certified pre-owned Toyota:

  • 12-month/12,000-mile limited comprehensive warranty.
  • 7-year/ 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty.
  • 1 year of free roadside assistance.
  • 160-point quality insurance inspection.
  • CARFAX vehicle history report.
  • Eligible for standard new car financing rates.
  • Reconditioned to Toyota’s exacting standards by factory-trained technicians.
  • Warranty honored by any Toyota dealership in U.S. and Canada.
  • Trade-ins accepted.
  • Jaffarian  Toyota offers a large selection of certified pre-owned Toyotas.

To be certified, a 160-point inspection is completed which includes the following :

  • Engine compartment is checked, including checking the oil, brake, clutch, transmission, transfer case, washer and power steering fluid levels, among many others.
  • Steering system—vehicle tracks and drives straight on level surfaces.
  • Transmission and transaxle—makes sure they are operating smoothly.
  • Braking system— Brake pads and shoes must have minimum of 50% wear remaining.
  • Frame, structure and underbody are checked for damage.
  • Interior condition and appearance— All fabric seats, dashboard are free of holes, rips, tears, excessive wear or fading.
  • Audio, music and alarm systems are checked to be certain they are all working normally.
  • Instrument panel and electronic systems to be certain the odometer and speedometer are functioning properly.
  • Tires and suspension system — All four tires must be of the same brand, model, size, tread design and load rating or they are replaced.

Volvo offers a similar certified pre-owned program (CPO):

  • Volvo Financial Services provides premium financing and leasing– both affordable and competitive financing – on Volvo Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.
  • Each model has to pass a rigorous 130-point test, have less than 80,000 miles, and receive a clear CARFAX Vehicle History Report.
  • Volvo repairs or replaces any needed components, carefully checking the exterior and powertrain.
  • Each vehicle is subject to a road test.
  • The factory-backed warranty fully covers every part of a certified pre-owned Volvo that is not specifically excluded, including the replacement or repair of thousands of components.
  • Volvo includes free roadside assistance and a zero deductible for all warranty visits.
  • Warranty coverage is provided at any authorized Volvo dealer across the United States.
  • Owners can extend the warranty coverage on a CPO Volvo. You can purchase additional coverage equal to 8 years/100,000 miles or 8 years/125,000 miles by purchasing a Volvo Increased Protection (VIP) plan through a Volvo dealer.
  • For cars certified after January 2, 2013, Volvo provides 7-year/100,000-mile exclusionary CPO warranty coverage from the original in service date of the car.

It is a great benefit for consumers to have the option to lease a certified pre-owned vehicle. if you are not sure of whether to lease or buy, whether to buy certified or pre-owned or new, please come in an visit us to help you make the best decision for your budget and driving needs. We are here to help you make an informed decision and have many certified vehicles as well as pre-owned. As shown above with the in-depth inspections that are done to qualify as a certified pre-owned vehicle, consumers have a great option to consider a certified pre-owned vehicle in their vehicle search.  As I always say, do your homework on the vehicle and the dealer!

Safe driving this summer and enjoy this beautiful summer weather!

Ask Gary Jaffarian



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