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When I bring my car in for service, how do I know what’s really going on out back; and when I speak to a salesperson, how do I know I’m getting the best deal? (I worry that as a woman, I may be taken advantage of.)

thAWKPZSE4I’ve heard that before from men as well as women. At Jaffarian Volvo Toyota, we are committed to transparency and continue to invest in ways to deliver on that commitment. There are many ways this dealership practices honesty and transparency and that is evident by our ratings on Women-drivers.com (4.9 for sales and 5.0 for service) and DealerRater.com (with a 4.8 rating from more than 1200 reviews).

Service and transparency:  The service advisors will keep you informed of the status of your vehicle and we recently implemented  “Quik Video” (sample here) to offer a higher level of transparency. The certified tech provides you with a brief video review as they assess your vehicle and explain the work they will be doing as well as any work they recommend. This video is another commitment to explaining recommended work to assist you in making an informed decision about maintaining your vehicle.  We understand that some service customers may be uncomfortable with recommended service that they can’t see or have not experienced a problem…yet.

We understand that learning your vehicle needs an alignment or the tires are more worn that you thought can be frustrating. We are committed to transparency by being able to have the technology to show you the situation in video or in person, in a report or alignment assessment to help you make an informed decision about maintaining your Hawkeye alignmentvehicle and more importantly protecting you and keep your passengers safe. We have invested in the best technology, Hawkeye, to show you the results of our complimentary alignment check to allay your concerns of being taken advantage of.

We also post a “Dare to Compare” white board in the Toyota Service area whereby we post our competitors’ prices. We do the homework for you. We want to be certain, that while we are a dealership with certified mechanics, we are price competitive with other service providers especially when it comes to tires where so many people assume the dealership is more expensive.

Sales and transparency: We mentioned in last week’s Ask Gary blog that if you are researching prices, check out Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book and other websites. There are no secrets anymore as to what the dealers’ invoices are in the automotive industry—more than any other industry. Most prices are listed on the Jaffarian website. However, when the price is not listed, and we ask you to call for information, most people assume this is a sales tactic to get you to call.

If we are your first visit to a dealership when shopping for a vehicle, you may not be ready to make a decision. You may want to visit other dealers. We hope you don’t need to, but we respect your decision and don’t pressure you. We quote you the best price, and the price quoted is not just  for the day you are in the showroom.

That is a pressure tactic we don’t use. We want a long-term relationship with our customers. I can tell you there are so many customers who have bought five vehicles at Jaffarian because of the positive experience; and because this is where their parents or grandparents shopped.

We would not be in business more than 75 years later if we did not have ethical sales and service practices. We are happy to speak with you by online chat, phone or in person. We want to understand you and your driving habits, budget and vehicle needs.  We want to get you into the right vehicle for you and our salespeople do not try to sell you a more expensive vehicle. We respect you, your time and your budget.

Lastly, I want to remind you if you do visit Jaffarian Volvo Toyota, you are welcome to pick up the red phone in the showroom and service areas and speak with me directly. I installed those phones to ring directly to my cell phone, should you experience a problem while in the dealership. However, on many occasions, the phone rings and it’s a customer who is so happy with their experience, they just wanted to share a positive experience with me! Most important is that price should not be the “be all-end all” for decision-making. While most dealerships offer similar prices for the same vehicles, the reputation of the dealership, particularly in the service department, is most important, as that is where the relationship continues after the sale.

You have a friend in the car business. Check us out online and in person.

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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