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As I travel Route 495 daily, I see your billboard about valuing your time and budget? How exactly does Jaffarian do that?


shoppingonlineLet’s face it – not many people look forward to going to the dealership.  We understand that; and we are committed to continuing to do what we can to improve the overall experience (whether buying or servicing) while helping save you time and money. The automobile industry is very competitive. Our focus is on offering you high value – competitive pricing to protect your wallet and excellent customer service.  The combination is highly valued by our customers.

Valuing Your Budget: How do we value your budget?  It starts with listening and being empathetic. Vehicles are expensive. We understand that. Servicing a vehicle can be a frustrating experience — you come in for a simple oil change and you find out you need brakes.  No one wants to hear that news. We understand that.

It is our goal to get you into the best vehicle for your driving needs and budget. Period. As you do your online research (and we expect and encourage you to do so), first know what you can afford. Define your budget so we can work with you to identify the best options in terms of vehicle and monthly payments that will serve your needs. Our team goes through extensive training in terms of product knowledge but more importantly in customer service training to listen and identify options that best meet your needs. We respect your intelligence and will respect your defined budget. If you come in for a Corolla, we don’t try to sell you a Camry. Or if you visit our Volvo showroom and are interest in the S60 sedan, we don’t try to sell the S80 or XC90 SUV.

As you do your research online, gather the information from respected sites including Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book online. For any trade-in, understand key  variables that affect trade in values to assist you in preparing for the likely value of your trade.  High mileage and overall condition of interior and exterior often affect trade in values. We encourage you to leverage these websites and our own websites to help you work through the numbers to have a good idea of what you can afford. Then contact us to make an appointment in advance. Bring all the information you have gathered so we can then work with you to help identify the best options.

To help protect your wallet, make sure we have your email address. Monthly service and parts specials are emailed monthly as are monthly vehicles specials!  Plus you will be invited to special events that we rely on email to send out invitations!

When it comes to protecting your wallet, at Jaffarian we do the homework for you, saving you both time and money! We launched “Dare to Compare” years ago to monitor the competition to commit and show exactly how much value we offer for routine maintenance on your vehicle.  We not only do the research for you, we post it on our website, share it with you via emails and post it prominently in the Jaffarian Toyota service area for you to review and make an informed decision.

When we say we want you to be informed and stay informed, we at Jaffarian mean it. If you have any doubts about the value you get for an oil change at Jaffarian vs. at a local, oil change chain store, check us out. We want you to be certain that you know the value you are getting by coming to Jaffarian and we are very comfortable showing exactly the value you get for your money.

Every month we shop the competition for you, post what you get for your money vs. the value you get for servicing your vehicle at Jaffarian. We want you to be informed and we are committed to making that easy for you.  We call that “Dare to Compare.”  That information is updated on the Jaffarian Toyota website monthly and is posted prominently in the Jaffarian Toyota service area as you walk in.

Valuing Your Time:  Your time is valuable. We understand that and are committed to doing whatever we can to streamline the buying process. Our sales team may start out by asking you how much time you have available in order to respect your time. By learning more about your needs, your budget, and your driving habits such as yearly mileage, we man looking watchcan better tailor the sales process to you. If you have car seats and strollers or need significant storage space for your two large dogs — whatever the need it is very helpful for us to know that up front to identify the best options on the lot for you to check out and test drive.

a. Required paperwork. The paperwork process is time consuming. Though the entire process may seem lengthy, it is a pervasive issue in the automotive industry. Many customers do not realize that we are required by state law to sign several documents. If you are trading in a vehicle, we must allow extra time for that as well. Please keep in mind that all of this required paperwork is to protect you as a consumer. There is legal paperwork to sign that includes financial disclosures and the Patriot and Privacy Acts. (The Patriot Act is required by the U.S. Department of Treasury to prevent fraudulent lending.)
Another tip to save time at the dealership is to check out the Jaffarian website’s financing Cpl signing paperssection and download and complete the credit application on line. This certainly does not obligate you in any way; it just speeds up the process. If you know which vehicle you want to purchase, you may communicate with your insurance agent and provide proof of coverage.

b. Schedule an appointment. If you can, schedule an appointment with us in advance, both for sales and for service.  Our online appointments for service is a great and easy way to secure the time and date that works best for you.  You can also schedule a test drive online to help save you time. we try to streamline the process, it often takes an hour to two hours to get you through the entire sales and financing process, should you decide to purchase a vehicle at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota.  In order to minimize waiting time, we often have two finance managers working during peak times.

c. Research online in advance.

d. Pre-owned sales process:  This process is streamlined so it will save you time!  There is no communicating back and forth between the salesperson and the manager. At Jaffarian, we price our pre-owned vehicles to give you the best deal possible, eliminating the negotiating. Everything is transparent. We also welcome the opportunity to speak with you by phone prior to coming into the dealership to have select vehicles ready for you.

e. Service and saving time:  In our Jaffarian Volvo and Toyota Service Departments, we respect your time by honoring appointments, doing our best to get you in and out on time. Our complimentary shuttle will get you to work, home or the train to eliminate any unwanted downtime. But if you want to wait, Wi-Fi is available with clean, comfortable waiting rooms with TV and areas to work and a play area for children.

We firmly believe our customers should demand the best and get the best. Just like this weekly blog, it is our goal to earn your business by being your friend in the car business, helping you make informed decisions that best meet your budget and honoring how valuable your time is.

You can count on us to  give you the information you need and deserve to make an informed decision. Be informed. Stay informed.

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