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What is new with Volvo since they came out with the XC90?

XC90_HybridThere are three new models coming soon to the Volvo family of vehicles that we at Jaffarian Volvo are very excited about. The new Volvo S90 blends premium comfort with a driver-oriented chassis. Also featuring second-generation Pilot Assist technology, the all-new S90 is the only vehicle in the U.S. with semi-autonomous driving technology. At your command, this vehicle can automatically assist with steering, acceleration, deceleration, and braking up to 80 m.p.h. (not that this high speed is recommended), while staying in complete control. Yes, we mean a vehicle on auto-pilot! This new Volvo is truly revolutionary!

The all-new Volvo S90 detects pedestrians, cyclists and – a world first – large animals in the road, such as deer. Your car will warn you, and if necessary, brake if you don’t intervene. Volvo’s world-class safety record has reached a new height. This vehicle can potentially save your life or someone else’s with this new technology. In January 2016, a report conducted by IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) showed that City Safety, which includes Volvo’s Automatic Emergency Braking function, reduced rear-end collisions by 41% and injuries to occupants by 47%. Due to this amazing safety technology, Volvo Achieved NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) and IIHS standards 11 years ahead of schedule!  maxresdefault

Not too much to think about while driving this Volvo, it helps to think for you. For example, you’ll no longer need to think about when to switch between low and high beams, as active high beams automatically reacts to oncoming vehicles and changes to low beam. It also has city-safety technology. With Volvo’s City Safety technology, your vehicle can determine whether there’s a collision risk if you’re approaching slower moving or stationary vehicles from behind. This technology is so far advanced from any other vehicle.

The popular XC90 which has received national awards and accolades, will be available in a plug-in hybrid and this year, XC90 wagon will become available, joining the XC70 wagon. The XC90 T8 is a twin engine all-electric plug-in without using any gas and travels up to 75 m.p.h. It can achieve a full charge in approximately 4 hours.

Volvo now has a commitment to, and focus on three initiatives: environmentally-friendly vehicles, offering plug-in vehicles; Sensus technology to keep you connected to the world; and Intellisafe technologies to keep you safe—even to the point if you’re getting drowsy, it will alert you! I am so proud to offer vehicles so advanced in safety, performance and technology.

Volvo’s autonomous vehicles are creative, luxury concept vehicles that are coming soon! They are ahead of the pack in technology and safety, no question about it!

I am so pleased to announce that Jaffarian Volvo was again selected as MA Volvo Dealer of the Year for the fourth time in the past five years! Thank you to our loyal and happy customers as it is their positive experiences that enable this recognition! Happy Spring!

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