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While it’s been a mild winter, I still have sand and salt on my vehicle. Does that affect the paint or body?

ToyotaCarWashYes, even though the weather had been milder than normal, our vehicles are still exposed to dirt, sand and salt. And yes, it does affect the paint, body and even the components. That’s why it’s so important to keep your vehicle clean.

Although sand is essential for safer winter driving by providing better traction, salt prevents ice on the roads and can lead to numerous problems. It is extremely corrosive and over time it can cause extensive damage to vehicles. Salt causes rust, which accelerates by repeated exposure to salt. What most people don’t realize is the rust can create problems ranging from hydraulic brake system leaks to sub-frame damage. While most of the vehicle’s underbody is wide open, most salt damage occurs underneath the vehicle, and can be difficult to see. The water and salt that sprays up underneath your vehicle sits there and may stick to the bottom and cause corrosion.

This is why it is so important to find a good auto wash, such as the Jaffarian Auto Spa, and have the undercarriage washed this time of year. I also recommend that you have your vehicle waxed and sealer applied to further protect the paint at each wash. It is important to dry your vehicle off this time of year, especially in those hidden spots such as the door jams to prevent icing and rust after you wash your vehicle. Check out our Auto Spa and service specials here.

Even if you garage your vehicle, after driving on salt treated roads, the ice, snow and salt from the roadways sits underneath and can potentially rot away your vehicle’s under components. This rotting or corrosion can harm the car’s exhaust and muffler systems, coil springs and the frame. Damage to the sub-frame of a vehicle is quite common in the Northeast.

While corrosion under your vehicle is not necessarily visible, the best way to ensure that a vehicle is and will continue to function properly is to have it checked by our professional technician’s in the Jaffarian Service Department when it is in for an oil change or at any service appointment. Our Service Department provides a complimentary exterior wash with each service appointment (weather permitting).

If you want to protect the undercarriage or rid your vehicle of rust or corrosion, visit or call our Jaffarian Body Shop, at 312 River Street in Haverhill at (888) 242-2812. They are open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. To schedule an appointment for our Auto Spa, call (888) 234-2854. Doesn’t your vehicle deserve some TLC this winter?

Let’s hope this warm weather remains, but then again it’s February in New England – anything goes!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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