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Why does it matter where I buy my next Toyota or Volvo? What’s the difference if you all sell the same vehicles?

checklistActually, a lot of people feel the same way you do. Yes, you can buy a Toyota Camry at any number of Toyota dealerships and you will get the same vehicle. While many people shop for a vehicle solely on price, the reality is most dealerships sell the same vehicles for about the same price. So what else matters to you, if anything, other than price?

I highly recommend you research the vehicle and the dealership putting as much emphasis on choosing the dealer as you do choosing the make and model.  Below is what else you should research in addition to price when selecting a vehicle and a dealership:

1. Longevity. Does the dealership have a proven track record? We have been in business in Haverhill for more than 75 years! Why does this matter? This is especially important if something happens to the vehicle and you need the dealerships support or assistance. A vehicle is a powerful machine with many moving parts. Do business with someone who is likely to be around in the future if and when needed.

2. Reputation. Research the reputation of the dealer via reputable online review sources. An objective source is DealerRater.com which compiles customer reviews easily for other consumers to read and monitor. Our rating is 4.9 out of five from our satisfied customers. Another useful reputation site is Women Drivers.com reflecting surveys from women and families as to how dealerships treat and service their needs.

3. Quality Experience. Evaluate your interactions to ensure you are being treated the way you deserve to be treated. As we say, Demand the best. Get the best. You deserve to be in the driver’s seat when purchasing or leasing a new or pre-owned vehicle.

4. Accessibility.  Can you access the top management or even the president of a dealership? Not usually, except at Jaffarian. There are red phones in our service areas and in the showroom available for you to pick up to speak with me directly. I installed those phones so I could resolve problems, but many people use them to tell me they just had a great experience. Should you have any concerns, simply pick up the red phone. red phone

5. Do you feel valued?  Are you comfortable that your needs are being heard and the team at the dealership is doing what they can to best serve you?  Your time is valuable and the buying process can be cumbersome and time consuming. Do you feel your time is being valued and your needs are being accommodated?

6. Service Quality. While many approach this as a transaction, we honestly approach this as the beginning of a relationship. Given that, we want you to not just evaluate the sales person and showroom but to evaluate what else you are buying into.  That includes the  service department. Is it clean? How are the restrooms?  Is there a complimentary shuttle? Do they make servicing your vehicle easy and convenient for you and your busy life?

7. One Stop Shopping. For most people, life is busy and spending time at a dealership is not highly desirable.  You do not have a lot of free time. Is it important to you to establish a broader relationship with the dealership to serve all your automotive needs? Or is this buy or lease, one and done?  With an emphasis on building relationships, we understand our customers are very busy and offer one-stop shopping for all your automotive needs from our award-winning body shop (consistently ranked in the top by leading insurers for quality of work), our vehicle rental division (replace division with service), parts department, and Auto Spa. Whatever your needs when it comes to vehicles, we can serve you and do it well.

We know that the average consumer looking for a vehicle visits two to three dealerships (2.8 on average). You have many choices. Do your homework on both the vehicle and the dealership.

It is our goal to earn your business by being one of the dealership you research and visit. We will then do everything we can to earn your business on that visit and in every future visit.

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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