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I hear rave reviews about the Jaffarian Collision Center, but I don’t live close by. How can I access your services?

BodyShopRestorationsI am so glad to hear that word is spreading about our terrific Jaffarian Collision Center, because I am so proud of what my brother, Mark, has accomplished running this area of the business.  Mark and his team repair vehicles to pre-loss condition, and our customers are thrilled when their vehicles are returned to them  looking new! Many people visit the collision center because it’s like visiting an auto museum (pictured here).  Restored vehicles are on display dating back to 1923, with restored antiques and older Volvo models.

Anyone can access the services offered, from windshield repairs to paint touchups or body work done due to an accident. Our commitment to you is to make the process easy and hassle-free for you and to deliver top quality work. We consistently receive notes and emails praising the experience and the quality work done!

Jaffarian Collision Center is a Massachusetts authorized, insurance company approved repair facility.  We work with all insurance companies and are highly rated by the top insurance companies in the state (e.g., Safety Insurance, MAPFRE/Commerce) for the quality of services performed.  We perform collision repairs on all makes and models and will handle the billing and paperwork directly with your insurance company.  As an added convenience, Jaffarian Collision Center offers Toyota Rental vehicles on site, with many new Toyota models to choose from making the drop off and pick up of your vehicle very easy!

If you are a MAPFRE insurance customer, you will receive many advantages by choosing to have your body work done by Jaffarian given we are one of their preferred repair shops.  MAPFRE describes the advantages of selecting one of their preferred repair shops as follows:

• These shops provide a high level of customer satisfaction for service and the quality and workmanship of the repairs.
• The quality of the work performed by these shops is backed up by MAPFRE Insurance Company for as long as you own your vehicle.
• MAPFRE will step in and deal directly with the repair shop for any issues necessary to expedite timely repairs and intervene if you are not satisfied with the work completed on your automobile.
• MAFRE will pay to have your vehicle towed to a Preferred Shop if it is not drivable (or Jaffarian Collision Center will arrange the pickup).
• Some registered shops may not agree to do the work for the prevailing labor rate in Massachusetts. All MAPFRE Preferred Repair Shops have agreed to do the work for the prevailing labor rate. This means no additional costs for you.
• If additional accident related damage is found during the repairs, don’t worry! The repair facility will contact the MAPFRE appraiser directly for a supplemental appraisal for any additional accident related damage.
• No surprises! All the MAPFRE Preferred Shops will complete the repairs according to the MAPFRE appraisal and we guarantee it.

MAPFRE reminds it customers that they are free to have the repairs performed at any shop of your choice, but that MAPFRE recommends a Preferred Repair Shop that provides a MAPFRE Insurance Company guarantee for the quality and workmanship of the repairs.

Jaffarian Collision Center also offers the following services:
• Paintless dent removal
• Detailing at the Auto Spa
• Windshield Replacement

The Jaffarian Collision Center is located at 312 River Street in Haverhill, just a few blocks down from Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion. For an appointment or more information, call the collision center at (978) 241-4576 or toll-free at 888-242-2812.

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