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What vehicles do women like to drive?

WomanHighlanderWhat do women want? According to Consumer Reports, women want “safe, reliable, and fuel-efficient transportation. Men, on the other hand, want power. While those desires might seem clichéd, they’re real. This comes from the latest owner satisfaction survey, which included data on more than 1 million vehicles.” It was the first time that they conducted data by gender. Consumer Reports relies solely on consumer research and does not accept advertising, giving it the highest credibility possible.

In its latest survey, Consumer Reports asked car owners whether they would buy the same vehicle again. Many women said they would purchase another Toyota Highlander or Toyota Prius, both ranking in the top five nationally.

And what else do women like? Hybrids are more popular with female drivers than with male drivers. But it’s not all about fuel economy. The Toyota Tacoma pickup truck received high marks from women!

The editors of Consumer Reports thought the “most interesting—but not surprising—owner satisfaction finding was that woman know what’s good. Whether it’s a luxury car, an SUV, a pickup truck, or a wagon, the list of women’s favorites is comprised almost entirely of vehicles that earned top scores from Consumer Reports. The same can’t be said about the guys’ choices.” This really changes the stereotype of men knowing more about vehicles than women. We continue to find our women customers are the primary decision-maker, well-read and have come into the dealership having done their research.

Woman-PriusThe finalist in the Most Loved Family Car” was….(drum roll please) the Toyota Prius. Why? The “excellent fuel economy, solid reliability, and a spacious interior make the Prius easy to fall in love with” were the reasons specified in the survey.

And the “Most Loved Midsize SUV”…the Toyota Highlander! Women surveyed preferred it as it “offers a roomy, family-friendly interior and rock-solid reliability.”

The top 5 list of vehicles for women represented a practical list of vehicles reflecting key factors including performance, reliability, and space. The top 5 list for men, perhaps not surprising, tended to reflect an aspirational list of vehicles they would like to drive, but in reality may never own. I’m happy to report there was not a Toyota or Volvo on the bottom 5 lists for either men or women.

Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion participates in a program connecting women to women-friendly dealerships and is Women-Drivers certified. We have a satisfaction score by women of 4.96 out of 5! That is so important to us that there is no gender-gap here—and that we treat every customer with respect. After all, statistics show that women buy 65-68% of all new vehicles and are a decisive influence in 93% of all purchases! Now that is buying power!

Enjoy these last couple of weeks of summer. Stop by and see us for any of your automotive needs.

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