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What does Father’s Day Mean to You?

I’m so happy to answer this question because the Jaffarian dealership and my life are based on my upbringing from the two generations before me that I was blessed to know—my grandfather and my father. I am also happy to be a father of two, Gavin and Mara, who have chosen to join me at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion.

It’s hard to believe we are now into our 77th year of business spanning four generations, beginning with a “filling” station.  My grandparents worked two full-time jobs as they were establishing their new business. They taught me the importance of hard work and dedication. As the first generation born in America, they were experiencing the American dream and proving that hard work pays off! (My grandfather was the first American-Armenian in Haverhill.)3generations

My father and uncle worked after school learning the service side of the business. They initially sold Hudsons and then Ramblers. My dad put many hours into researching quality automobile manufacturers. His research resulted in opening the first Volvo dealership in New England. Then after seeing  the Toyota Land Cruiser, he added Toyota and we became the first Toyota dealership in New England. I am still amazed at his business sense and his focus on quality manufacturers.

My late brother Paul, my brother Mark, now in charge of the Jaffarian Collision Center, and I joined in the business.  We weren’t  handed the keys to the business. The work ethic of my grandparents set the tone for our roles:  we cleaned floors and bathrooms.  We each found our roles as we worked afternoons, nights and weekends.  From  fixing cars to restoration to sales and service, we worked alongside our grandfather and our father.  In college, I would hitchhike back to the dealership.

While so much has changed over the years, we are still on River Street in Haverhill. Same street as where it all started with my grandparents.  “Service” was on the signs at the beginning and service is forefront in our minds today as we stay in Haverhill, serve the greater community with quality vehicles and quality service and keep that mindset of giving back to the community. My grandparents and my parents were committed to supporting local teams, especially kids’ teams, and we continue that commitment today.  I have many memories of going to pick up a customer to fix their car, servicing the fire trucks at all times of day and night – whatever it took to take care of a customer.  That is in our DNA thanks to my grandfather and father.   That is why we are proud to say we’re the dealership that is the “First to put you first!”

So you may think I am digressing as I answer the questions about Father’s Day. What is most important to know is that as we’ve expanded our dealership, and as I walk through the door every day, I know I am following in the footsteps of my grandfather and my father.  Those are very big shoes to fill. Today my brother Mark and I work to carry on the work, do the right thing, do what it takes to serve our customer and give back to the community in which we live.  It is with great pride that I work with my son and daughter on a daily basis.

I wish all the Fathers a very happy Father’s Day!  I will be thinking of my dad and my grandfather as I always do.  They will always be a big part of who I am, and what Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion is today. Enjoy the day!

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