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Which vehicles last the longest?

Vintage CorollaHave you seen the latest headlines in Consumer Reports and Forbes? “Toyota Leads Top 10 Longest Lasting Brands” according to Mojo Motors and Consumers Reports. Toyota has been named the maker of the longest-lasting cars and trucks! We at Jaffarian Toyota are very proud of this recognition.

The average age of a vehicle on the road today is about 11+ years. Therefore, it is getting more and more common for vehicles odometers to read 200,000 miles or more. People attribute their high mileage vehicles lasting longer to regular maintenance and consistent oil changes. For those who have older vehicles, the average expense is $550 per year to keep them on the road by replacing brakes, shocks and timing belts. Tire maintenance is also important: keeping tires properly inflated, tire rotations and replacing tires as needed. The better you care for your vehicle, the longer it will last.

The Consumer Reports study was based on one million vehicles still on the road. On the list of the top 10 vehicles that lasted the longest are the Toyota Prius, Corolla, Camry 4 cylinder, Sienna v6 and Highlander v6. In a USA Today article that cites vehicles that would last 200,000 miles, they listed the Toyota 4Runner, all with 6-cylinder engines and Toyota Sequoia, all with v8 engines.

Once a vehicle reaches the 200,000 mile-mark, most people purchase a new vehicle for two major reasons:

1— To avoid escalating maintenance costs of maintenance will continue to rise;

2— To enjoy new technology, including Bluetooth, blind spot monitoring, stability control, and many other safety features that weren’t available 10 years ago.

Many auto industry experts consider 200,000 miles the theoretical “worthless” point. (But many consumers consider that a real achievement in how well they’ve maintained their vehicle!)

Toyota makes the longest-lasting cars and trucks, at an average of more than 200,000 miles,” according to New York-based Mojo Motors, the company behind the used-car classified ad site mojomotors.com. “We’re a product company that’s awash in Big Data,” said Paul Nadjarian, founder and CEO of MojoMotors, which Forbes magazine bases their article on.

“As a statistical and mathematical exercise, we did a linear regression analysis to find out, with each mile added, how much value do you lose on a per-mile basis? And theoretically, at what point do you lose all value?” he said in a recent phone interview with Forbes.

The company came up with a list of the Top 10 brands, in terms of the maximum number of miles at which their cars and trucks become theoretically “worthless.” According to mojomotors.com:

#1. Toyota – 210,705 miles until worthless. No other manufacturer topped that number!

Nadjarian admits that some models (we believe Volvo) were not included in the one million vehicle study because of their smaller sampling numbers. However, Volvo has a “High Mileage Club” because they are also known to achieve extremely high mileage. You may remember that in late 2013, I reported the vehicle that made the Guinness Book of World Records for highest mileage with a single owner was a Volvo, the other brand we represent at Jaffarian Volvo! That was a 1966 Volvo 1800S which reached 3 million miles! Next on the High Mileage Club list are several Volvos which reached more than 1 million miles!

At Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion, we are here to help you make an informed buying or leasing decision whether you wish to reach the 200,000 mile mark or prefer a 3-year lease! Whatever your preference, regular maintenance is important. Call or schedule online with our top-ranking Service Department where certified technicians take care of your vehicle, working in state-of-the-art surroundings, including air conditioning for these hot, humid days. We want our team to be focused on your vehicle’s needs, not on trying to stay cool. Let us help you keep your vehicle on the road for many years to come.

The beautiful weather is here! Drive safely and enjoy this nice driving season!

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