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Did someone from Jaffarian give my name to a warranty company? Is this a scam?

Angry on Phone“Who is Weatherford INT? Someone from that company called our home said they represented you regarding the warranty on our Highlander. We said we weren’t interested and hung up. They kept calling back. This went on for five more calls from the same person wanting to talk to us about our warranty.”

The answer is a resounding NO! We do not give your name out to any unrelated parties. Your warranty would only be offered through Toyota. Unfortunately, it is too easy for scammers to get public information on registered vehicles. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion or Toyota would not give out your name. It is not in our best interest or yours, to have you buy a warranty from an unknown company.

Over the years, I have had our customers come in with postcards and letters offering warranties. Many warranty companies “sell outrageously priced extended warranties. The mailings look like an important notice from your car dealer or automaker. There is always an eye-catching warning on the front of the card, such as: Final Notice: Expiring Auto Warranty,” warns a government website.

We are not affiliated with these companies, and unless it is an offer from Volvo or Toyota offering to extend your original warranty, we would agree with how you handled the solicitation. (Out of curiosity, I looked up Weatherford INT and it appears to be a reputable international company in the oil business and does not represent vehicle warranties, which only reinforces it was a scam.)Warranty

Also, be aware of services that sound like AAA and offer products and services you would associate with AAA, a highly reputable nonprofit organization. With the internet, companies can choose domain names to confuse you or company names that sound familiar.

Not only does Toyota offer a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty on all new vehicles (all components other than normal wear and maintenance items), they also offer a 100,000 mile warranty on certified pre-owned and benefits such as a transferable warranty, should you sell your vehicle while it is still under warranty. They offer extended warranties as long as you make the decision prior to the expiration of the original warranty. New vehicles also include Powertrain Coverage for 60 months/60,000 miles on the engine, transmission/transaxle, front-wheel-drive system and rear-wheel drive system.

Toyota also includes rust-through coverage for 60 months/unlimited miles. For hybrid owners, hybrid-related components, including the HV battery, battery control module, hybrid control module and inverter with converter, are covered for 8 years/100,000 miles.

It is important to keep in mind that if you do not keep your factory recommended service up-to-date, it may void your warranty. That is another reason to have your vehicle serviced at Jaffarian Service Department –because we maintain an accurate record of all service performed and will bill Toyota for warranty-covered services.

If you purchase a Volvo, most of the service is included in the price of the vehicle and those service visits will maintain your warranty. Volvo also offers a variety of Assurance Plans, including Protection Plus, Key Protection and Tire and Wheel Protection Plans, most of which include roadside assistance. Volvo has “VIP” or Volvo Increased Protection Plans. The benefit of these plans is to avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses.

The FCC has noticed an increase in warranty scams, most of which are illegal and violate the “do not call” lists. According to the FCC: “During the calls, which are usually automated or pre-recorded, the consumer is told that the warranty on his or her automobile is about to expire and is instructed to press a number to renew it. The callers often pose as representatives of a car dealer or manufacturer, and may or may not have specific information about the consumer’s particular car and warranty. Many may actually be fraudulent—if you press a certain number or stay on the line, you may be asked to provide several types of personal information, including your credit card number, which can be used to defraud unwary consumers.”

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) receives more than 1,200 complaints a year against extended auto warranty companies. Consumers across the United States are alleging that US Fidelis, a company touting itself as ‘America’s leading provider of extended auto warranties,’ pressured them into buying expensive and unnecessary vehicle service contracts from which they received little or no benefit.

The BBB is warning consumers to be extremely wary of telemarketing calls and mailers which claim their auto warranty has or is about to expire. BBB advises that the deceptive solicitations could persuade car owners to purchase an extended auto service contract of questionable value.

If you purchased a vehicle from us, please call us or stop by if you want to extend your warranty. Do not give out any personal information or credit card number to someone who solicits you by phone and be assured that we have not shared your personal information. When in doubt, check with us as we are happy to help you make an informed decision about warranties.

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