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Do men still make most of the car-buying decisions?

WomenDrivers.comA resounding NO to that question! Many people will be surprised by that answer. Some people still remember the single or married woman shopping for a vehicle with a man by her side to help her make the decision. And with that scenario, the all-male sales staff would be making eye contact and speaking to the man, even if the car was for the woman. I hope those days are long-gone everywhere, but I can tell you that scenario does not exist at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion.

In many cases, women come in alone as the sole decision-maker and couples come in where the woman is the decision-maker for the family vehicle. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion is aware that “women buy 52% of all new cars sold in the U.S., influence more than 85% of all car purchases and are the fastest growing segment of buyers for new and used cars. All told, women have full or partial say over a staggering $80 billion worth of spending on cars,” according to Forbes.

Additionally, research shows that 65% of all customers taking their vehicles in for service are women. With so many women in the workplace and those with kids to tote around to school and activities, women have specific needs for the type of vehicles they want to buy. They tend to make practical decisions – it’s less about image.

In 2014, a Forbes article stated, “For the first time in the history of the car industry, a Frost & Sullivan report finds that the number of women with driving licenses in the U.S. over took that of men, not just in one of the young age groups, but consistently across all age groups greater than 25… it is clear that 80 percent of the car buying decision is now influenced by women. While buying a new car, women are practical and tend to connect the purchase to the ideas of freedom and independence. They prefer small and maneuverable cars, but further give importance to design, spaciousness, safety, quality of materials, vehicle color and sustainability of the car. They like options like park assist, clear lighting for petrol and easy access, integrated systems for mobile devices, entertainment (especially moms) and everything that can make car-time easier and more intuitive.”

This can be part of the reason why so many women shop our brands. Women love the safety records of the Volvo and the safety and economy of Toyotas. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion participates in the “Women Driver Friendly” certified dealer program where we receive online ratings and reviews, similar to dealerrater.com. Women-Drivers.com is the industry’s leading female online review service, connecting women car shoppers to Certified Women-Drivers Friendly® Car Dealers. Our Women Driver Friendly score is nearly perfect at 4.96 out of 5. This is based on the following breakdown:
 Shop 5.0
 Purchase 4.97
 Service 4.92
Overall 24-month rating = 4.96

The mission of Women-Drivers.com “is to shift the traditional women’s car buying experience and help to create a new marketplace and paradigm, where when a woman walks into any dealership she feels like she is walking into her favorite Target or Nordstrom’s. She will be satisfied with her experience, knowing that whoever assists her will be respectful, trustworthy, and knowledgeable… each and every time.” We are proud to live up to their standards with our high rating. We also have women on our internet sales staff.

Women — you can be sure from the moment you are greeted in either the showroom or in the service area, you are treated with the greatest respect and not any different than we treat men. This is also good for men to know, that the woman in your life will not be spoken to or treated any differently here; nor will you have to worry about her being taken advantage of, or taken for granted. We believe in building relationships with each and every customer. We want you to Demand the Best. Get the Best. You deserve better and we are here to earn your trust and your business with every interaction.

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