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Did we miss the big car sales in February since Presidents’ Day weekend was a stormy one?

SnowCarsinLotPresidents’ Day weekend was a bust because of yet another snowstorm; but NO is the answer to your question. You did not miss out on great deals as we continue to offer great values! As President Washington said, “I cannot tell a lie!” In February we experienced record-breaking snowfall, so needless to say, car dealerships and other businesses had record-breaking low sales months. I am sure many read about the tough month that restaurants also experienced with the impact of the stormy weekend affecting Valentine’s Day dinners.

Since the first blizzard on January 27, the flow of traffic into the dealership has been light, as most people would not feel comfortable walking a snowy lot or test-driving a vehicle with the current road conditions. Consumers have also expressed not wanting to buy a new vehicle and then worry about protecting the interior and exterior from all the snow, ice and salt. We understand that and we are committed to offering great values and hope that at some point these continuous storms will come to an end!

According to a February 21 Boston Globe article, “…dealers across Massachusetts said new car sales and repair business have plunged this year, as snow-weary drivers put off buying new rides until spring. Cruelly, the latest blizzard hit over Presidents’ Day weekend, which dealers use to launch the sales season by offering steep discounts. Instead, customers were stuck at home, and salespeople spent the holiday weekend rearranging car lots to make way for plows.” We can relate!

Many people are submitting vehicle inquires on line as they do their research at home, in preparation for buying a new vehicle this spring. We see that as a positive—for educating consumers – and for brisk sales this spring! Dealerships know a certain number of vehicles will be purchased this year and we hope to make up the numbers. As it is trying on all of us cleaning our driveways and walkways and possibly dealing with ice dams and leaks, it is also trying on our team. The staff has been constantly moving vehicles, clearing out the snow and cleaning off vehicles. (That really is our lot after the blizzard in the photo above!) So we are very motivated to move vehicles off the lot this month!

In addition to low prices, consumers will get the historic low interest rates or great deals on leasing. For example, you can lease a Camry for $2899 due at signing, which can be covered by your trade and pay just $147 per month for 24 months or $149 a month for 36 months! If you purchase a new Camry, you can get an interest rate of .9% for 60 months. Corolla pricing is slightly lower. A new energy-efficient Prius comes with 0% financing for 60 months or you can lease it for $199 a month for either 24 or 36 months. A Sienna mini-van is available for .9% month for 60 months.

If you want to lease a Volvo, the S60 starts at $299 per month for 36 months with $2979 due at signing and interest rates on a purchase is 0% for 72 months. Check out the specials and incentives online as new incentives will be coming out shortly.

We are also trying to maximize the amount allotted for your trade-in. These lease prices and interest rates make vehicle-buying more affordable than ever! Come to Jaffarian Toyota or Jaffarian Volvo now that the weather is clearing and spring is just a couple of weeks away! We’d love the opportunity to help you find the best vehicle for your needs.

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