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Do you know what Toyota will feature in their Super Bowl commercials? I still remember last year’s Muppets!

DadSBCommercialI am so excited about the Toyota Super Bowl commercials this year! Toyota really showcases their emotional and social conscience side in these commercials. The theme is “One Bold Choice Leads to Another” and ties in with the 2015 “Bold New Camry” and you’ll be surprised to see who they feature!

The ads have created a big buzz in the media already. This one in particular really hits home for me as a father of two and as a son, the important role models my Dad and my grandfather played in my life and the lives of my brothers. While this ad focuses on the important role of a father, I would be remiss in not acknowledging the important role that both my grandparents and my Mom and Dad played in raising us. As a third and fourth generation family business, Jaffarian has been built with the work ethic and commitment to doing the right thing for more than 75 years.

Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial, called “To Be a Dad” opens posing the question “Is being a good dad something you learn or a choice you make?” Interviews are conducted with former and current NFL players who are also great dads: DeMarcus Ware, LaVar Arrington, Fred Jackson and Kurt Warner – and their children. They are asked “How do you know you’re a good Dad?” and one answer is “when you see your kids imitate you.”

Arrington often walked with a limp as a boy when nothing was wrong with his leg. Why? He wanted to imitate his father who walked with a limp as a double amputee after losing his legs in Vietnam.

My parents, my brothers and I, and my children, have all imitated our Dads by working in the Jaffarian Automotive business. We couldn’t imagine working anywhere else other than in the business that my grandfather started so many years ago.

One football pro in the ad said his dad was his biggest fan and he tries to apply that to his own children. One of the pros said, “I make sure they know how much I love them and that I’m proud of them.” When asked how his daughter knows her Dad loves her, she said, “A lot of hugging, kissing and I love you stuff.”

The Huffington Post reviewed the ads when they became available last week and said, “The Toyota commercial about the dads will probably make you cry.” It is a very powerful commercial. To further honor dads, Toyota asks the viewers to Tweet a photo of their fathers to #OneBoldChoice.

AmyPurdySBCommercialThe other Super Bowl commercial, “How Great I Am” is equally powerful and challenges all stereotypes of women in automotive commercials. This ad features paralympic star Amy Purdy, a double amputee from the knees down, defying the odds and becoming a medalist. In the commercial, she runs, snowboards, mountain bikes, ballroom dances and drives a 2015 Toyota Camry.  The commercial is narrated by Muhammad Ali ending his famous speech with “How Great I Am.” (It was originally delivered in 1974 before his match against George Foreman.) Toyota could not have done a better job with their theme of “One Bold Choice Leads to Another.”

I am proud to have the Jaffarian name affiliated with the Toyota brand and the messages being conveyed.  Their portrayal of athletes as heroes not for playing pro football, but for being great dads – and featuring a bold woman overcoming incredible physical challenges, defying the odds and becoming a medalist. I hope you enjoy these commercials and I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl game on Sunday. Go Pats!

By the way, come visit us at Jaffarian Toyota if you’d like to test drive that bold new Toyota Camry!

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P.S. Please feel free to comment on these Super Bowl commercials or ask me questions in the box below.

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