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How did Toyota rank in Consumer Reports new report on the most reliable vehicles?

Scion xBAs most people know, Consumer Reports is the most unbiased publication in the country, as they accept no advertising, survey the most consumers and conduct tests by product experts under their nonprofit foundation. They just published their annual vehicle reliability report. It is the largest survey of its kind – generating 1.1 million responses. The highlights of the recent report included the following: “As in the past, most of the top 10 brands were Asian…Toyota leading the league the league by a comfortable margin.”

“One of the reasons Toyota manages to do that, we [Consumer Reports] believe, is that they introduce technologies slowly and on proven platforms…” meaning the new models are improved versions of the prior tried-and-true models. Though they pointed out many consumers are excited about the new vehicles that appear in the marketplace, they often don’t have the reliability of the proven models. Oftentimes, purchasing a new vehicle model in its original version proves to be the least reliable.

“Toyota and its sub-brands may not make the most fascinating cars on the block,” said Consumer Reports, “but they certainly hold up. If we looked at a list of the 10 most reliable new cars in our survey, nine of them would be a Toyota, Lexus [manufactured by Toyota] or Scion.”

“This year…the Scion xB hatchback (pictured above) was the most reliable new car…” with the top score in Most Reliable. Toyota Yaris, the sub-compact, also made the list. Most reliable hybrids included the Toyota Prius and Prius C, V, and Plug-In; and the Toyota Camry Hybrid. With five hybrids on the list, Toyota dominated the hybrid/electric cars category.

Toyota was also selected for most reliable mid-size cars for the Camry; most reliable mini-vans and wagons for the Toyota Sienna and Venza (V6 and 4-cylinder). Toyota was the only manufacturer with most reliable Midsized SUVs: the Highlander (V6) and 4Runner.

TundraAnd finally, the most reliable truck category listed only Toyota trucks: the Tundra (V8- 2WD and V8- 4WD) and the Tacoma (V6 2WD and 4-cylinder).

One of the biggest challenges identified for consumers highlighted by Consumer Reports was the technology, and in-car electronics. The capabilities of technology in vehicles is amazing, but the challenge can be headaches for the consumer. Two weeks ago in my Ask Gary column, we featured how Toyota’s Entune technology received accolades in a landmark AAA study for the lowest distraction level. Fortunately for Toyota owners, Toyota was not mentioned in the Consumer Reports’ study as one of the manufacturers causing consumer headaches due to its electronics. If you need help with the electronics in your vehicle or the Entune technology, please join us for our “How do I…” sessions in our showroom on Tuesdays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and Thursdays from 5-7 p.m.

If there is one top 10 list, reliability report or survey to defer to, Consumer Reports is clearly one of the best due to its guaranteed objectivity. Just one more time that I am especially proud of the manufacturers we represent…as I am time and time again.

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