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Why fix my dings, dents or accident damage at Jaffarian’s Body Shop?

#1 Customer SatisThat’s a great question! Many times our own customers forget that we offer one-stop shopping for all your automotive needs.

There are three reasons to choose the Jaffarian Body Shop for any and all your body work needs:

1. Customer Satisfaction
If you are looking for a great restaurant, you may check out Zagats. If you are looking for a reputable auto body shop, how do you evaluate where to go?

The Jaffarian Body Shop, run by my brother, Mark Jaffarian, is top in Massachusetts for its customer service. We are consistently ranked #1 in Massachusetts by MAPFRE Commerce Insurance as the top provider for auto body repairs out of hundreds on their list of preferred body shops. This #1 ranking is based on customer surveys following insurance repairs completed as part of its “e-z” program.

And rest assured that we work with all the leading insurance providers.

2. Quality
You can count on quality workmanship with our team of highly trained professionals that have been part of the Jaffarian family for many years. And, better yet, your vehicle is returned cleaner thanks to our Auto Spa treatment completed prior to your picking it up!

3. Full service
Whether it is a ding, a windshield replacement or an insurance claim for body work, you can count on us to repair your vehicle while making the repair painless and hassle-free for you.


Simply, we realize that having repair work done is an inconvenience. We will handle any and all insurance paperwork, we have rental cars on-site making it easy and convenient for you to be on your way in a rental car to minimize the disruption in your life. Our team is well-versed with insurance claims and paperwork as an ongoing part of what we do.

Instead of trying to assess all those body shops on the long list of approved auto body shops provided by an insurance adjuster, save yourself time and hassle. Our goal is to make the decision easy for you by earning your trust, delivering quality work and making it easy for you.

Conveniently located at 312 River Street in Haverhill, the Jaffarian Body Shop is just a few blocks down from the Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion Showroom, at Exit 49 off Route 495. You can reach them directly at 888-242-2812. Too often I forget to congratulate Mark on his success and contribution to the family business. Thanks to Mark and his great team for making all of us proud of our Jaffarian Body Shop.

So Check Us Out for any and all dings and dents.


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