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How can I get better gas mileage?

toyota at gas stationFortunately, the price of gas has come down over the last few months, but compared to the “good old days,” the cost of fuel is a significant portion of everyone’s budget, especially for those drivers with a long daily commute. For those with trucks, SUVs and larger vehicles, the cost of gas is even higher than those who drive the smaller, more economic vehicles, such as the Yaris, Corolla or Prius.

Here is a list of the most important things you can do to maximize your fuel economy and save on gas:

1. Proper tire pressure – Be sure your tires are filled properly for your vehicle and for the season. Under-inflated tires will cause your vehicle to get lower gas mileage and will cause you to need new tires sooner. That’s a simple way to save money, have your tire pressure checked at each oil change at a minimum.

2. Reduce the amount of weight — If you are carrying items in your trunk or on the roof, take them out when you no longer need them. The extra weight and pressure on your vehicle will result in lower gas mileage.

3. Follow the vehicle maintenance schedule — If your car is properly maintained and all systems are working well, you will certainly get better gas mileage. If you have not been maintaining your vehicle, bring it to Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion Service Department and we will start a record for you and let you know what your manufacturer recommends for maintenance. You can even book an appointment on line and we offer shuttle services to bring you to work or home.

4. Fuel octane rating — You must purchase the gas with the octane rating recommended by the manufacturer. If your vehicle requires a higher octane rated gas such as 93, and you purchase the economy grade, the result will be lower gas mileage and other complications to the vehicle over time. The octane rating is in your owner’s manual and/or on the inside of the gas door.

5. Drive the speed limit — Going 10 miles per hour or more over the speed limit will result in a major difference in fuel economy.

6. Use proper engine oil — Many vehicles require synthetic or semi-synthetic oil. When you have your oil changed, be sure to get the proper oil, which may require a slightly higher charge. Using the wrong oil will not only affect your gas mileage, but your engine as well. It is important to have your oil changes done by professionals who adhere to the requirements specific to your vehicle.

7. Avoid frequent stops and driving back roads — Highway driving, even at higher speeds than back roads, is more energy-efficient. You always get better mileage on highways, then city or back road driving.

To review these points, visit the Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion You Tube Channel on this topic and other interesting topics to keep you informed and be a better consumer. With the price of gas, any opportunities to save on gas costs makes sense. Protect your wallet and drive safely.
Enjoy these final days of summer!

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