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What is the best way to make an informed decision when buying a pre-owned vehicle?

pre-owned ToyotaWhen buying pre-owned or buying or leasing a new vehicle, who you are buying from is as important as what you are buying. Commonly this is less important to the buyer and can I really recommend people to do their homework in this area.

What is important to assess when it comes to a dealership and pre-owned vehicles:

1. Do your research: One of the best ways to evaluate a pre-owned vehicle is to do your online research and when you find a vehicle you want to purchase, check out the CARFAX which many dealers will provide. Look at the number of previous owners and past maintenance and accident records. In addition to evaluating the vehicle itself, do your homework on the individual or business you are buying the pre-owned vehicle from.

2. Know your legal rights. There are two distinct lemon laws that affect our customer base: the New Hampshire lemon law and the Massachusetts lemon law. Before buying a pre-owned vehicle in N.H., be sure you understand the limitations to your legal rights.
lemon law 2
3. Dealership reputation – do your homework on the business you are considering completing a business transaction with. Are they reputable? Check them out online and what others are saying about them. Dealerrater.com is one of the best sources.

4. Quality of pre-owned vehicles available: If you are buying from a dealer, do they offer certified pre-owned vehicles? Do they have a vehicle manual available detailing the history of the vehicle and its maintenance and service? Is a warranty available to protect you? In many cases, the pre-owned warranty is for more years, than the original warranty on the new vehicle.

5. “Buyer Beware!” — There are countless stories of customers who have been taken as a result of pre-owned vehicle transactions that resulted in problems and buyer’s remorse. Protect yourself and your wallet by spending as much time selecting who you conduct business with, as you do selecting the right pre-owned vehicle for your needs and budget. Trust, integrity and commitment to earning your business and then supporting your needs in the future are factors that I recommend you consider.

We pride ourselves in offering only pre-owned vehicles on our lot that we are confident are high value and offer our customers vehicles that are going to serve them well. There are many vehicles offered as pre-owned by others, that would not meet our high standards for the pre-owned selection in our lots.

The Jaffarian pre-owned inventory is limited to quality vehicles that are worthy of space in our lot and they do sell quickly. Check out what we have in stock but know the inventory for trade-in vehicles changes constantly and if there is a particular vehicle you want us to be on the lookout for, let us know.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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