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How does the Toyota Corolla compare to the Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic, Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra?

2014-toyota-corolla-s-and-2014-honda-civic-ex-l-sedan-photo-603518-s-520x318Great question –and you know that I’m not objective—so to do this question justice, I’ll have to quote objective sources. Many people do come in comparing the Corolla to one or more of the above list, especially those who do not currently own a Toyota. First of all, for those who want to buy an American- made vehicle, our shoppers are delighted to learn that Toyota actually manufactures more vehicles in America than any other manufacturer, as discussed in my Ask Gary column last August.

The Corolla has been recognized as the best-selling car of all time. The challenge is to balance the comfortable, reliable and familiar with a fresh new look, new features and keeping up with technology—which it does. Its safety and reliability for the price are paramount to its success.

According to AutoWeek, “Now entering its 11th generation, the Corolla has seen some significant styling changes and added a new, more fuel-efficient variant for 2014.Though the 2013 Corolla is getting long in the tooth, it’s still been crushing the competition: So far this year in the United States, 2013 Corolla sales are at 132,514, while the Honda Civic is 128,980 and the Ford Focus trails at 111,641.”

Autobytel said, “For 2014, Toyota has completely redesigned the Corolla. The 2014 Corolla is bigger inside, more fuel-efficient, and more sophisticated in terms of design and technology.”

Newcars.com compared the Nissan Sentra with the Corolla and found a great deal of similarities, but pointed out that “Nissan Sentra has less horsepower than the Toyota Corolla, so it will probably be somewhat slower.”

On the Cars.com Find the Best website, they compared the 2013 Sentra S to the 2014 Corolla S and they rated the cars on a number of features and came up with a “Smart Rating”—with the Sentra earning an 86 and the Corolla earning 95! The rating is based on expert reviews, depreciation and safety. The Corolla earned extra points for gas mileage and overall safety.Corolla Award

Corolla’s redesigned model won accolades for having the largest back seat—something people don’t usually think about—but if you drive with more than two passengers, it’s an important consideration. When buying a new vehicle, many people forget to check out the rear seat, and in this case it is much roomier—large enough to hold three passengers if needed.

Not surprising, Auto Trader compared the Corolla to the Hyundai Elantra for reliability and here is what they wrote: “When you’re on a budget, reliability is really important, and the Toyota Corolla demonstrates a long history of providing it. Check out the ratings from Consumer Reports or J.D. Power, and you’ll see that for the past decade the Corolla has suffered few dependability problems. That’s why, even though the car is redesigned for 2014, it is expected to continue to offer trouble-free motoring.

“The Hyundai Elantra’s track record isn’t as spotless, though the current version of the car — introduced for the 2011 model year — fares quite well. Nevertheless, the Elantra’s predicted reliability and quality ratings are merely average. Hyundai does, however, offer superior warranty coverage in order to provide buyers with added peace of mind.

When it comes to reliability, the victor is the Toyota Corolla.”

intellichoice-2014And for fuel economy, the same website said, “Real-world fuel economy is dependent upon how a person drives, but based on the official EPA ratings, the Corolla gets better mileage.”

Even I must admit that the other vehicles are formidable competitors with many attributes, but there has to be a reason why the Corolla outsells all economy cars in the U.S.—but then again—we love Toyotas! Dare to compare—come by Jaffarian Toyota Scion and see why more Corollas are sold in North America, then any other car. We have a nice selection of Corollas waiting for you, with more on the way. Let the team at Jaffarian help you make the best decision for your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to help you find the right vehicle while treating you the way you deserve to be treated when buying or leasing a vehicle.

Get informed. Stay informed. What vehicle are you considering?

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