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Do men still make most of the car-buying decisions?

Muppets2Contrary to what you may believe, the power of women as consumers and in the market place continues to rise each year and that trend applies to buying vehicles as well. Women now outnumber men in terms of licensed drivers. Women purchase about 54% of all vehicles sold. Women do more of the online research before shopping for their next vehicle. They want to be informed consumers. And that is the best advice for all consumers —and a primary purpose of the Ask Gary blog. We want people to make informed decisions.

According to a 2013 Boston Globe article, women make about 85% of all consumer decisions, including vehicles and technology products. The way we sell vehicles has changed immensely over the years.  I often hear how a woman goes shopping for her next vehicle with her husband (or other male) and the salesman (usually a man) only make eye contact with the man. I train my team at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion, to NOT make that assumption, and in fact, I strongly suggest they assume the woman is the decision-maker. Most of the time—she is!

Women are helping escalate two growing trends in the automotive industry—both positive trends – buying more of the smaller models and the “green” energy-efficient and hybrid models. Men dominate the industry in buying the larger vehicles and trucks. Toyota decided to use the Muppets in their commercials this year, a shift to selling cars to mom and families.

On this, the week of Mother’s Day, we celebrate mothers, recognizing  them for all they do for their families, and the important contributions that mothers in general make that positively affect our communities and work environments. Women are extraordinary multi-taskers —juggling careers and family. Many women are not only caring for their children, but also for elderly relatives.  These women are part of the “sandwich generation” with balancing responsibilities to their own children and aging parents.

This is the week to honor our mothers and the mothers of our children –as we should all year long—for all they do. Often Mother’s Day corresponds with the fragrant blooms of lilac bushes, a favorite memory of mine as my grandmother had beautiful lilacs. My thoughts turn to her and my own mother and the impact both women had on my life.

Wishing all the mothers a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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