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I heard the quality of tires sold at a club store is different from buying tires at a dealership. Is that true?

toyota tiresYes, it is true — similar to brand name products specifically made for outlet stores vs. the same brand made for a store that is not an outlet. Consumers are savvy and have come to expect a difference in quality when buying from a certified distributor vs. purchasing the same brand at a club store. The same is true for tires.

A tire sold through a club store (such as Costco or BJs) was manufactured to be sold at these outlets specifically. The tire is not the same quality and is known in the business as being a “club tire.”

Historically, consumers assumed that buying tires from the dealership was more expensive than buying the exact same quality of tire elsewhere. That assumption is not valid. To compete, dealerships need to be competitively priced as consumers can and should do their homework and “dare to compare” as we encourage consumers to do. The tires we sell are carefully selected to meet the quality of tires recommended for the quality vehicles we sell and service. They are the same quality as the tires sold at other dealerships and tire companies. They are better quality than “club tires.”

So when you compare buying a tire from Jaffarian vs. another non-club location, what other factors should you consider to make an informed tire purchase other than price (which should be comparable)?
• Training of the technician — Training does matter. Technicians who are factory-trained have the training to properly install tires to meet defined specifications. This is an important factor to consider when investing in tires and having the peace-of-mind that a quality tire has been installed properly.
• Technology to enhance the installation (balancing and alignment).

As an informed consumer, don’t assume that every tire dealer or dealership has invested in the same resources and technology to best install and balance your tires. At Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion, we have invested in the best technology and tools to assist our factory trained technicians in evaluating wear of your existing tires as well as guiding them on installing and confirming alignment for proper wear.

I’ve seen people come into our Jaffarian Service Department complaining their tires, purchased elsewhere, wore out prematurely, sometimes lasting only one year. Protect yourself and your wallet with quality tires that are made to last. As I often say, “Buyer Beware.”

Be a wise, educated consumer. If you have any questions about the best tire value for your vehicle, just ask us. We want you to be safe on the road. Get informed. Stay informed.

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