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It’s Car Care Month and What Better Place to Care for Your Car than at Jaffarian!

Toyota in AutumnOctober is National Car Care Month and it’s a great opportunity to discuss preventive maintenance for safety sake! AAA and other authorities on driving are encouraging their members to get “a thorough inspection by a certified automotive technician” to detect minor problems before they become big problems.

While no one likes paying for prevention, be it our own health or our vehicles’ care, prevention saves time and money in the long-run. Remember the old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” That applies in the case. Hear a little noise? Ignore it –and some day you may find yourself on the side of the road—late for an appointment or work—because you thought it was no big deal.

Want to keep your warranty intact? You would need to maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the warrantied items to be covered. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion Service Departments will be pleased to inform you as to what’s needed according to your mileage, make and model; and what is covered under your warranty and what is necessary to keep your warranty in place.

Here are some of the items you may want to have checked as part of preventive maintenance:
• Windshield wipers and wash
• Tires
• Brakes
• Belts and hoses
• Fluids
• Lights
• Batteries (which many people don’t know can be tested).

VolvoinAutumnNightOur Jaffarian Toyota and Volvo Service Departments receive accolades from our customers and their feedback is given through national Toyota and Volvo surveys. I am proud to announce that this past quarter, Jaffarian Toyota Scion Service Department was number one in our district and our Volvo Service Department is among the top 15% nation-wide. All of our technicians are Volvo and Toyota certified and work in a climate-controlled area so they can give your vehicle undivided attention.

Check our website before you come in for current Volvo Service special offers as well as Toyota coupon specials.

Don’t compromise your safety or getting stuck somewhere on a cold autumn night or first thing in the morning, when you can bring your vehicle in for a check-up and get the peace-of-mind knowing that you are driving a safe vehicle. People are keeping their vehicles longer. The average vehicle on the road now is 11 years old. The older your vehicle is, all the more reason to get it checked out. Proper vehicle repair and maintenance is essential to getting the most out of your vehicle, and ensuring it drives well for a very long time.

Happy National Car Care Month and Safe Driving!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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