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What’s causing the big buzz about Toyota? This week I ask my readers a question!

commercial ToyotaIt’s the TV commercial in the past couple of months introducing the new 2014 Corolla! Not only Elevate your style commercialare people talking about it, DJs are playing music from the commercial, but the commercial titled “Style Never Goes Out of Style” showcases Corolla through the decades and has received 2,531,727 hits on You Tube! More than 1475 people gave it a “thumbs-up.”

Have you seen it? It’s a great commercial to see the evolution of the Corolla and how Toyota has kept up with style up to the present. The sequel commercial for 2014, “Step Up to Style” has already received 33,238 hits on You Tube.

The commercial shows how Toyota has re-invented the Corolla to keep up with style, color, and of course, we know—safety features as well. What makes the commercial so popular? Beside the color, exciting graphics, it goes through five decades of Corollas with music from each decade.

In case you were wondering, the songs representing each decade are: 25 Miles by Edwin Starr (1969); LeFreak by Chic (1978); Rock It by Herbie Hancock (1983); Rusty Cage by Soundgarden (1992); and Orion by ShyKidx (2013). Lots of people are leaving comments about the commercial and the music selections.

In an online blog, writer Steven J. Ewing wrote, “Despite the fact that the Toyota Corolla pretty much sells itself, the eleventh generation 2014 model …aims to appeal to both Millennials [this generation of new drivers] as well as the older generations…The advertising spot shows that the Corolla has had a place in mainstream culture since its launch in the 1960s.”

According to Toyota, extensive marketing research shows that this generation of young car buyers is looking to take their careers to the next level and is looking for their first new cars to get them there. The 2014 Corolla “design is significantly elevated from that of previous models, creating a more dynamic and desirable image,” according to Ewing.

No matter which generation you represent, Jaffarian Toyota Scion has a vehicle for you. In addition to the renowned Corolla, Toyota is receiving accolades for the popular mid-size Camry, economical Yaris, energy-efficient Prius, the Tundra heavy-duty truck, the multi-terrain 4Runner, the Sienna mini-van, Highlander SUV and the luxurious Avalon. Many of the Toyotas have been redesigned and updated for 2014. Click on any of these links to preview the 2014 vehicles (except the Prius and Avalon).

Enjoy watching the video commercials below, and let me know what you think!

Stay stylin’

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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