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Is there such thing as accident prevention, other than driving the speed limit?

Toyota stability controlThat’s a great question! I’m glad you asked because Toyota has recently introduced some new safety technology that brings safety and accident prevention to a whole new level with what they term “accident avoidance technology.” Some of these new technologies are featured in Toyota’s new TV ads. This includes new features such as automatic steering that can help avoid a collision, adaptive high-beam headlights, advanced pedestrian collision measures and other new high-tech safety developments.

Automatic Braking and Steering—Toyota’s most exciting technology is an updated version of their already-existing pre-collision system that features accident avoidance measures. Toyota says that while the current system was designed to prevent collisions by automatically braking when an accident is imminent, the updated version can even steer when necessary, maneuvering away from collisions that can’t be avoided by just braking.

High-Beam Headlight—Another of Toyota’s new technologies is a shielded high-beam headlight. Dubbed an “Adaptive Driving Beam,” Toyota says the new feature cuts down on glare directed towards oncoming drivers while still allowing motorists to maintain high-beam illumination. This should lead to better night vision, which Toyota believes will lead a reduction in accidents.

Pedestrian Detection—Many of Toyota’s remaining high-tech safety gadgets were based around pedestrian protection with a pre-collision system with millimeter-wave radar and stereo cameras specifically designed to detect pedestrians.

Reverse Warning Navigation System—Toyota unveiled a system designed to detect wrong-way driving on highways. According to Toyota, when the system recognizes wrong-way travel, visual and audible alerts warn the driver to stop and turn around.

Electronic Brake-force Distribution— This is a new feature of the Anti-lock Brake System, which helps make up for shifting weight under hard braking. It reduces brake pressure on wheels carrying the least amount of weight, helping your vehicle stay in control.

Smart Stop Stability—designed to automatically reduce engine power when both the brake and accelerator pedals are pressed at the same time under certain conditions.

Break Assist— This is designed to detect sudden, or “panic,” braking, and assist the driver in stopping the vehicle, adding additional brake pressure if Brake Assist senses that the driver is braking too lightly.

The Volvos have always been credited with being the safest vehicles on the road—and now Toyota has caught up with similar features such as vehicle stability control and traction control. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion is proud to offer the two most trusted names on the market for vehicle safety. I truly believe many of Toyota’s new safety features will help with accident prevention by helping you with detection capabilities, prior to an accident, where many people may be in panic mode.

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