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How can I buy a Toyota when I really want to buy American?

Made in USASurprise! Surprise! You’ll be happy to know that the Toyota Camry has been touted as the most American made of all vehicles on the road by Cars.com from 2009-2012! This year, it is the most American made car on the road! Camry earned this distinction with 75-80% of the parts originating in America. Additionally, Toyota Camrys are assembled at plants in Kentucky and Indiana.

Camry sales in the states have been so strong for decades and most often has been America’s most popular car. This high sales volume, combined with the number of parts made in America and being assembled in the U.S. – earned Camry the distinction of most American-made car on the road. This is great for accolades for consumers, our economy and the U.S. job market. It takes more than 6,000 American workers to build the Camrys Americans buy. Toyota has gone to great lengths to design the car to appeal to the American public.

The Toyota Avalon, also assembled in Kentucky, has the highest percentage of American-made parts of any Toyota at 85%, but the distinction was earned by the Camry due to its higher sales volume. Toyota’s mini-van, the Sienna, placed number six on the list, with parts manufactured in Indiana and the Toyota Tundra truck secured ninth place on the list, with most parts coming from Texas.

So in addition to knowing you are buying a quality vehicle, be proud that you are buying vehicles with parts manufactured right here in the United States and assembled by Americans. Come visit us at Jaffarian Toyota Scion to find your next vehicle while buying American!
Enjoy the rest of your summer and safe driving!

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