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How much is my XX,000 mile service package?

Volvo Service AreaInsert the number of miles in the above question and it seems like a straight forward question and it certainly is a fair one for any customer to call our service department and ask. However, as I often state – BUYER BEWARE!

Yesterday, a loyal Jaffarian customer was in our Volvo Sales Department looking to trade in her Volvo. As we discussed her trade, she indicated she had done all her service with us, but our records indicated she had recently missed an important scheduled maintenance service. “Oh”, she explained, “I had that service done at Joe’s Service Station because when I called [Jaffarian] and asked for the cost of the 75,000 mile service, it was double what Joe quoted me!” Really? Let’s see…

To help this customer and to help you make an informed decision, we compared the checklist of all services we include in the 75,000 mile service and compared it to what she received for half the price. It became clear very quickly, that she received half the service for half the cost! We could have done that service visit for the same price, too.

Important and recommended items were excluded from the service she received. Instead of thinking she received a bargain; she came to realize that she had not received a 50% discount on the same service – other than that “Joe’s Service” called what they delivered the “75,000 mile service.” Only in name was the service package the same. Important maintenance items had not been done. While the customer felt she had followed her Volvo scheduled maintenance plan, she had not. Again, buyer beware.

The other issue that disappointed her was that Joe’s mechanic was not specifically trained on Volvo. At Jaffarian, she would have someone who is certified as a Volvo-trained technician and her prior service records were on file for continuity. She also didn’t know whether or not Joe’s used Volvo parts.

apples-to-applesMy recommendations to you as a consumer:
1. Always ask for the details of what is covered in the cost. Certainly, if you want us to exclude particular services to save you money, we will honor your request.

2. Compare apples-to-apples. When you comparative shop, get the details of exactly what services will be done. That way you can compare not just the price, but what you actually get for your money. It is your right and it protects you, your pocketbook and your vehicle. When it comes to valuing a trade, showing ongoing maintenance records makes a difference!

We have nothing to hide when it comes to the value you receive for your service visits. Ask our service advisors for the cost and the list of what is included. At Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Scion, you can be assured that genuine parts are being used on your vehicle to maintain the quality and performance that you expect – and that we are competitive when you compare apples-to-apples.

Service wisely!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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