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I was always told it’s more expensive to service my vehicle at a dealer. Is that true?

comparing-apples-and-oranges2That is a very common misconception about dealerships vs. local service stations. I grew up hearing the old adage: “You get what you pay for!” In the case of vehicle service, that is very true. And buyers beware!

Do your research and be an informed consumer. It is not less expensive to service your vehicle outside of the dealership. Know exactly what you are getting for your money.

1. Do your research. Or as we say at Jaffarian, “Dare to Compare.” We make it easy for you to be informed as we shop our competition and present it to you clearly on our website. Go to the “Dare to Compare” section which is updated monthly.

2. Experience and expertise matters. There is no substitute for experience. They know the engine and all of the parts and will only use factory-authorized parts and not generics. Factory-trained and certified technicians know their trade.

Not only is Jaffarian service priced competitively, but most dealerships employee only experienced, certified mechanics. We are proud to post our prices or quote them by phone up front, because we know the value and experience behind them.

Dealers are not more expensive when it comes to servicing your vehicle. When it comes to quality, trained professionals, you may actually find that that you are benefitting from more training and expertise, as well as getting to know your vehicle over time. Like doctors’ visits, they keep records on your service visits and what was done.

Be an informed consumer and check out service reviews on Yelp or Dealerater.com. Do your homework and dare to compare!

Happy and safe summer driving!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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