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A few tips from Gary to our local high school graduates

grad in carAll of us at Jaffarian want to wish the area high school senior classes a happy and safe       graduation day and summer ahead. Commencement marks both the beginning and end – the end of those fun and sometimes tumultuous high school years— and the beginning of the rest of your life— a future beginning with college or perhaps a new job or career. This is a time in your life that you will remember for many years. You’ve made your parents and family proud as they watch you stand in cap and gown at the podium, receiving your diploma.

Then the parties and fun starts—you feel free! You’ve made it through four years of classes and homework and now you have the summer to bask in the glory of being a high school graduate! But that is also sometimes when the trouble begins…when you’re out with your high school friends celebrating! Too often we read about tragedies involving young people having during this exciting time in your lives.

A few reminders as you achieve this milestone and prepare for the next journey in your life:
1. Make good decisions
2. Don’t drive and text
3. Don’t drink and drive

You have a wealth of information literally at your fingertips to help you make good decisions in life. You also have your conscience to help you intuitively know the right thing to do. Be a sponge. Seek to be an informed consumer. Leverage the information you have at your fingertips to gather information and make a make an informed decision that you feel good about—especially when it comes to significant decisions in your life. When it comes to buying or leasing a vehicle, buying new or pre-owned, gather the information and do business with people you trust.

Enjoy this exciting time in your life. Please be safe and drive defensively. Always continue to learn along life’s journey and remember that you have a friend in the car business—me. Anyway that we at Jaffarian can help you when it comes to buying new or pre-owned or servicing, please come by or call for us to serve you.

Congratulations on your graduation and please drive safely!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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