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ASK GARY: Toyota Deserves Credit for Innovation

Toyota has consistently been offering quality innovations to the industry in a way that often gets overlooked by consumers. If you stop to think about it, it’s simple to see how much Toyota has impacted the automobile industry: the company not only pioneered lean manufacturing for automobile manufacturers (now used by all manufacturers), but have established several trends in consumer vehicles, the Toyota Prius being the most recent trendsetter.

It is no surprise that this article in the Eagle Tribune contends that Toyota is a car manufacturer deserving of our respect. There are certainly no disagreements from me! The author uses a story of the Toyota RAV4 to illuminate Toyota’s innovative spirit, and how it has affected the entire class of SUVs for drivers. Even more interesting, he goes on to compare Toyota’s recent years to the classic years of General Motors, stating that this is the reasons American consumers love Toyotas so much.

I would highly recommend giving this article a quick read through. I’ve gotten my word in, but what about yours? I would love to hear the opinions and stories of my readers.

Safe driving!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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