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ASK GARY: A Year in Summary

New Year 240x159As December draws to a close, it’s time to prepare our New Year’s resolutions, and plan for a fresh start. For those of you who are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle, the year’s beginning is a great time to create a budget and decide what options are best for you. Part of this includes knowing what type of automobile will best fit in with your current lifestyle, and the soul-searching that comes with New Year resolutions is the perfect opportunity for this self-assessment.

If you’re trying to decide between buying or leasing, I had discussed the different costs associated with these decisions earlier in the year. President’s Day, which falls on February 18th in 2013, is one of the biggest holidays for car sales, and provides a good opportunity early in the year to purchase your new vehicle.

For those of you who are planning on sticking with your current automobile, you have certainly not been forgotten! At Jaffarian, we have made an extended effort to offer as many maintenance tips as possible in order to make sure your vehicle continues to run true. Some of our most important tips have focused on simple preparedness –having a roadside emergency kit, driving defensively, and knowing what road conditions to expect during different seasons. We also want to make sure every driver knows about, and pays attention to, as much of their vehicle as possible, including the headlights, the fuel, when to take your wheels in for alignment, even the different types of replacement parts.

More than anything, we just want everyone to have as pleasant a driving experience as possible. Our New Year’s resolution stays the same every year –to make sure all our customers stay informed, and are completely satisfied with the service we provide. 2012 was a great year and here’s to making 2013 even better!

Happy New Year’s, and always, drive safe!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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