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ASK GARY: How do I Change a Flat Tire?

How Do I Change a Flat Tire?

For all the preparation in the world, sometimes a roadside emergency is just plain unavoidable. Times like these call for a level head, and knowledge of what to do. While smartphones have made this information extremely accessible, we might easily find ourselves unable to look for the answers online.

Here at Jaffarian Automotive, we want all our drivers to safe on and off the road and in the spirit of that, we’ve created a simple DIY emergency car repair guide. We are making printed versions for all of our customers to keep in their glove compartment, in case they might need a quick reference. This week’s article will be focusing on changing a flat tire.

1.   Apply the emergency brake.
2.   Place a stable object in front of the front and back tires to prevent the car from rolling.
3.   Remove the jack and tire from trunk.
4.   Look for a frame to position the tire jack. Most cars have a reinforced spot for jacks
      behind the tire, closer to the center of the vehicle.
5.   Raise the jack so that it’s supporting the car. Do not lift the wheel off the ground yet.
6.   Remove the hubcap, and use the wrench to loosen, not remove, the nuts. If you are using
      a standard, “L” shaped wrench and are having difficulty loosening the nut, stomp on the
      wrench handle with a smooth, controlled motion.
7.   Raise the jack so that it’s lifting the car about one inch off the ground.
8.   Remove the nuts all the way, and then remove the tire.
9.   Place the new tire on to the wheel bolts.
10. Tighten the nuts evenly back onto the wheel in a crisscrossing pattern, to ensure the
       wheel is not attached in an untrue fashion.
11.  Lower the jack, and remove it when the wheel is firmly back on the ground.
12.  Finish tightening the nuts, again, in a crisscross pattern.
13.  Put the removed tire and other tools back into the trunk.

We posted a video guide on this topic on our YouTube channel recently, so feel free to refer to that as well.

Safe driving!

Ask Gary Jaffarian

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