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Do You Always Pay More for Service at a Dealership?

Ask Gary JaffarianThe answer is no. This belief that you always pay more for service at a dealership is right up there with getting warts from touching a frog or being told your face would freeze when you made a silly face as a kid!

Dealerships are not more expensive than other alternatives and we encourage our customers to check us out, especially when it comes to common misperceptions such as oil changes and buying tires that so many believe cost less elsewhere.

As I commonly say in Ask Gary responses, buyer beware! Do your homework but know how to compare prices! Tires are a great example of the importance of being an informed consumer and knowing the difference between the quality of tires with a certain brand name sold at an outlet store versus the quality of tires sold at a dealership. Be sure to compare apples to apples so quality is comparable.

Other key items to keep in mind as you compare prices:

The value of genuine parts: Perhaps one of the main reasons independent shops are price competitive with dealerships is that they use aftermarket parts. As I have mentioned before, aftermarket parts are far less durable than OEM parts, and can potentially cost the driver more in the long run. Jaffarian, like most dealerships, only uses genuine parts when repairing vehicles, and therefore guarantees the performance of your car. Additionally, these genuine parts are under warranty – Volvo for 2 years and Toyota for 1 year including parts and labor.

What does this mean to you? You can go to any Toyota or Volvo dealer across the country and your parts would be under warranty – no questions asked. You are protecting your vehicle with genuine parts and have that warranty coverage wherever you may travel. Furthermore, repairing your vehicle with genuine parts maintains the integrity of your car, allowing it to maintain a higher resale value.

The value of expertise and training: The simplest reason is that your vehicle is important, and dealership mechanics are specialists. At Jaffarian Automotive we are specifically trained in servicing Toyotas, Volvos, and Scions with the utmost care, and our technicians consistently attend training seminars to keep up with the latest information. Independent garages handle a vast variety of cars, and while being a jack of all trades might suggest lower prices for simpler repairs; this often comes at the expense of quality and expertise. We rely so heavily on our automobiles for our livelihood and safety, shouldn’t we take care of them to the best of our abilities?

The value of your time: Since dealership mechanics know the ins and outs of the vehicles they service, they are not only able to perform repairs better, but faster as well. Labor is one of the most expensive parts of vehicle repair costs, and the amount of experience dealership technicians have in servicing the same types of vehicle allows them to finish the job more quickly than at other repair shops. This not only means you save money on labor fees, but also means your car will be in driving condition more quickly and you are back on the road quicker.

The value of cost comparisons: For an in-depth approach, consult the link in this chart, which matches Jaffarian’s repair cost against independent shops. This comparison dispels the misconception that repairs at a dealership are always more expensive. We price our services competitively, and while we may not always be the cheapest, we will always offer the greatest value.

Be informed and stay informed!!

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