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ASK GARY: How Do I Know When I Need My Tires Aligned?

Ask Gary JaffarianManufacturers recommend that you have your vehicle’s tires checked for proper alignment every six months or 5,000 miles. Is this recommendation accurate? The truth is that quite often no adjustments are needed after six months. It still remains very important to regularly check your tires, so a better approach might be to check your wheel alignment every time you change your oil. However, if you notice your vehicle consistently drifts to one side, or that it doesn’t drive straight even when the steering wheel is centered, take your car to your dealership right away.

Drivers are frequently reluctant to take their vehicles in for what they think will be an expensive alignment check. In order to change that misconception, we at Jaffarian Automotive Group have invested in the HawkEye Elite alignment system. This device that allows us to check the alignment of your wheels in less than 60 seconds, and at Jaffarian we complete this complimentary service every time you bring your vehicle in for service. You never have to worry about costs.

While having your wheels aligned certainly keeps your vehicle driving straight, there are many other benefits. Aligned wheels can improve the life of your tires, while misaligned wheels cause uneven wear on your tires, reducing their useful life. Improper wheel placement also increases strain on your vehicle’s suspension and steering, issues that are both significantly more expensive to fix. Fuel economy is also adversely affected when a vehicle is not properly aligned. Additionally, some cars do not have rear wheels designed to be adjustable, which means that alignment problems in these tires can be a symptom of undercarriage damage. Tire prices are up as are prices at the pump, so checking alignment regularly protects your wallet.

For many drivers, wheel alignment isn’t just a safety issue, but a cost issue as well. At Jaffarian, we are aware of these concerns, and do our best to prioritize safety without ignoring cost. The HawkEye Elite alignment system enables us to offer this complimentary service so you only pay for actual repairs to your vehicle. And by keeping up with regular maintenance, you not only increase the lifespan of your tires, but you can also identify any structural damages that your vehicle might have, before they require any costly repairs down the road.

Safe Driving!

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