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ASK GARY: Is a Volvo Too Expensive to Maintain?

Volvo has a long standing reputation of safety and reliability. Its innovations in driver protection range from crumple zones, three-point seatbelts, and airbags, to the more advanced pedestrian detection auto-braking system. Recently, Irv Gordon set a new record by reaching 2 million miles in his 1966 Volvo P1800. Gordon is now attempting the new goal of 3 million before he plans on retiring his beloved car. While your Volvo-owning friends may not have stories quite as dramatic, they will likely have at least one tale about the security of their vehicles.

On the other side of the coin, Volvo has a much less favorable reputation of being expensive to maintain. Parts are especially costly, and tend to require replacement more often than in similar vehicles. Buying a Volvo has been considered a very safe, but high maintenance, decision.

Of course, Volvo is very aware of its reputation, including the negative aspects of it. That’s why Volvo introduced its Safe + Secure coverage plan, one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Safe + Secure is included in all 2011, 2012 and 2013 models. The basic warranty, factory scheduled maintenance, and wear & tear coverage are all covered for 5 years, or 50,000 miles. Roadside assistance, which includes towing, flat-tire repair, lockout assistance and more, is fully covered for 5 years. Anyone interested in leasing a Volvo will be happy to know that financing through US Bank comes with the equivalent of 12,000 miles of annual coverage for the duration of the leasing agreement.

Most drivers drive an average of approximately 10,000 miles a year and therefore, Safe + Secure’s coverage should end near the 5 year mark. Since the average consumer holds onto his automobile for around six years, Safe + Secure ends up covering the majority of a Volvo owner’s vehicle life (unless the driver is attempting a world record title).

Even after it expires, Safe + Secure continues to provide lasting benefits to the owner. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps ensure that his or her vehicle stays in good running condition. And as an added bonus, a Safe + Secure covered Volvo will also tout a high resale value.

Volvo’s tag line is “Feel as secure purchasing a new Volvo as you do driving one.” Personally, I couldn’t come up with a more fitting description. Safe + Secure was designed for buyers interested in Volvo’s reputation of safety, and off-put by the idea of costly maintenance. With its exceptional coverage, Safe + Secure once again shows Volvo’s dedication to security, with both car and consumer.

For more information about Safe + Secure, click here.

Safe Driving!


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