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ASK GARY: Why do you work in the community?

I am often asked why I am not out on my boat fishing instead of spending hours working at the dealership.  The answer is I love what I do.  I love helping people find the right vehicle for their needs and their lifestyles.  I enjoy working with my team to carry on the Jaffarian family business.  Yes, it is hard work in a very competitive business, but I believe in what we offer our customers:  quality products, quality customer service, and a quality atmosphere that is state of the art, convenient and pleasant. I am available via the red phone to our customers if there is ever a question or a customer need. It  is very important to me and my family that we are giving back to the communities that we serve as a thank you and as part of our role as a business.

This week’s article in the Eagle Tribune about Tom O’Brien, “Innovative AD O’Brien has Haverhill on the upswing,”  made a huge impression on me.  Tom has made a great impact in the community as athletic director at Haverhill High School and taking on the coaching job for the baseball team.  Beyond that, he has worked to get more students involved in high school athletics – an effort near and dear to me.  It was very satisfying to read how Haverhill athletic user fees have been reduced under Tom’s direction. At Jaffarian are proud to have raised to date over $11,000 in our GAME ON program for Haverhill Athletics. Because of GAME ON, we have worked with all athletic directors in the various communities and see how hard they work not only in their roles as athletic directors but  in their other jobs which range from  servings as coaches to  assistant principals and classroom teachers. This dedication has helped directors like Tom O’Brien achieve his goals of getting more students in the game and reducing the financial consideration of students’ decisions of whether to play sports or not.

Congratulations to Tom!  It was a great way to start my work day in reading the article recognizing his contributions to Haverhill!

Safe Driving,


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