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I Heard About GAME ON. What is It?

ASK GARYWe have just launched GAME ON, a program to support high school athletic programs in 14 towns, and 8 school districts.  We are donating a portion of our profits to help ease the financial burden of user fees and help make high school athletics more affordable for teens and their families.

My family has been a part of the community for generations and we’ve always had a strong commitment to supporting athletic programs for children and teens.  We want to increase our involvement now to help families in these tough economic times.  In the GAME ON program, for every new or pre-owned vehicle bought or leased by a resident of a participating town, Jaffarian will donate $50 to the school’s athletics program. Friends and relatives who are outside of participating towns can indicate their affinity for one of the participating schools and the funds will be tracked accordingly.  

GAME ON is designed to help the high schools in the surrounding area where athletes and their families pay athletic user fees.  Through this program, we’re working closely with athletic directors to support high school sports in the following school communities: Amesbury High School, Andover High School, Haverhill High School, Masonomet Regional High School (serving the towns of Boxford, Middleton and Topsfield), Newburyport High School, North Andover High School, Pentucket Athletic Association (supporting high school athletics for Groveland, Merrimac and West Newbury), and Triton Regional High School (serving the towns of Newbury, Rowley and Salisbury).

Jaffarian developed marketing materials for each participating school and tracks all proceeds at the dealership.  By the end of August – just a couple of months since we started collecting the proceeds and before we began to really promote the program – we’ve already collected $5,000 in proceeds for the schools.  Check presentations for this ongoing program will be made to the athletic programs throughout the year starting this fall.

We at Jaffarian value the importance of sports in the lives of our youth – in promoting health and fitness and giving teens the opportunity to develop life-long, character-building skills such as team work, leadership, and discipline.  By working closely with athletic directors and members of the community, we can make these high school athletics programs more accessible to all students.

Together, let’s drive down the costs of participating in high school sports!


– Gary



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