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ASK GARY: Are You REALLY Available through the Red Phone?


Yes!  It’s that easy. Just as the ads state, you can pick up any one of the four red phones in the Jaffarian Automotive Group dealership and you will be connected directly to me.  It rings to my cell phone and I do answer it whether or not I’m in the showroom.

We’ve had great feedback from our customers who have used the red phone.  One person picked it up to see if there was really someone on the other end.  Sometimes customers will pick it up to tell me that they were pleased with their car buying or service experience.  When there is a concern, it’s typically a misunderstanding or miscommunication that needs clarification.  One time, the salesperson told a customer what the sticker price was, and the customer thought he was referencing our best price.

We’ve all experienced how frustrating it can be to try to reach someone in charge.  Many companies leave us cycling in a phone loop or make it impossible to speak to management.  At Jaffarian, we’re focused on making your experience as pleasant and easy as possible. We want to be sure that we’re available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.  So next time you’re in and have a question or concern, just pick up the red phone and you’ll be connected directly to me.

Also, if you have any general questions about buying a vehicle or the automotive industry, you can send me a question at askgaryj@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I might post the question and response on this blog if it’s something that would be helpful for others to know.   Please post any comments you’d like to share with others on this blog as well.  No matter how you choose to communicate with me, I’m accessible.  Really.

– Gary

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