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ASK GARY: What Do I Need to Know About Tire Safety?


Every year tens of thousands of accidents are caused by blowouts or flat tires.   Many of these accidents could have been avoided if the vehicles were operating with the right, properly maintained tires.

This week marks National Tire Safety Week, bringing tire safety issues to the forefront of our minds.  While many people know about the importance of checking tire pressure and rotating tires regularly – there is other key safety information that might not be very well known.

Did you know that two tires from the same manufacturer with the same model number may not be the same?  There is a very important piece of information that distinguishes them – their speed ratings.

The tire speed rating for each vehicle, defined as the speed that the tires can safely be operated, can often be found on the door jamb as well as in the owner’s manual.    If you’ve purchased a used car, or if your car no longer has its original tires, it’s important to check out the manufacturer’s speed rating and ensure the tires on your car are appropriate for the vehicle.  With so much riding on your tires, please make sure you are safe and sound!

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